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Thomas Carr Howe High School 
4900 Julian Avenue 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 

Yesterday's Wishes 

2Af heme 



Tomorrow's Dreams 


Yesterday 's Dreams / Tomorrow 's Wishes 

As students entered the doors of Howe, many 
knew not what the future had in store for them. 
They entered with a head full of wishes from yes- 
terday and aspirations for their tomorrows. The 
next step was preparing themselves to meet the 
challenges involved. 

Before Howe, they might have wished for such 
things as a bicycle; now they wished for such things 
as meeting a guy or a gal, attending the prom, hav- 
ing other types of fun, doing well in school, and 
going to college. 

As they changed and matured in high school, 
their wishes of yesterday became their memories of 
yesterday. Their dreams of tomorrow will someday 
also be realized and become their wishes of yester- 

Above: The seniors of Thomas Carr Howe High School look 
into the future as they walk down the aisle. 

Below: While trying to get an education, students learn to deal 
with having no water for a couple of hours when a fire hydrant 
was hit and knocked out Howe's facilities. 

Middle: Juniors Brandon .Spratt and Dennis Bratt get set 
for a career in the military. 


Opposite Page Middle; Brad Jones crams 
are important in life. 

s down his nutritious lunch. Good eating habits Opposite Page Bottom Right: English teacher, Mr. Dale Dinkens. knows keeping an 

eye on students is important to helping them learn disciphne tor their future success. 

Above: Seniors Stephanie Harris and Brandy Freeman 
are having lots of fun playing a game of Heads or Tails. 

Top Right: Seniors Mike Tieman and Carrie Deeter gaze 
intently into each other's eyes while thinking of their 
future together. 

Left: Students Johanna Jackson and Farrah Rooncs learn 
to serve others. 


Top Right: Making friends with law enforcement can be 
quite informative: Gina Bixler discovers this when she 
encounters Security Guard Grooms. 

Left: Marvin McGregor gets adxice from Mr. Michael 
Bryant and Mr. Edward Murrell. 

Above: Ernie Hicks thinks. "Milk does the bodv sood.'" 


Below: Dealing with modern-day technology will prepare Glen Schmidt and James 
Turner for the future. 

Right: Learning about reproduction for future references, Mike Condon and Jennifer 
Combs watch eggs hatch into chicks. 

Bottom Left: Students get pepped up at the pep rally for Homecoming. Learning social 
behavior is a part of high school. 

Bottom Right: Jessica Poynter, Barbara Parks, and Kenneth Parran prepare breakfast 
for their class. They should be able to cook in the future. 


Left: Mr. Frank Tout retired as Principal of Howe after 
forty years of dedicated service to the students of this 
school. Others must now take over for him to help stu- 
dents realize their dreams. 

Below: Amanda Clontz, Chris Archer, Michael Patter- 
son, Kyle Wallace. Richard Deanh. Mike Griffin, and 
William Collins make use of marketable talents in art 

Bottom Left: Rosemary Bailey took this picture and de- 
veloped it in her Library Experience class, thus prepar- 
ing her for a valuable skill if she chooses to use it. 

Bottom Middle: Catherine Gleason looks as though she 
is pepped up for the rally. This activity allows for the 
learning of leadership qualities. 

Bottom Right: Lenise Muse and Maurica Thompkins re- 
view the SAT Handbook in Government. 









Tomorrow 's Dreams 

Left: Cheryl St. Lawrence and Rebekah Meek work on 
the computers in the library, learning technical advance- 
ments necessary for careers in the twenty-first century. 

Middle Left: Ms. Francis Valentine, secretary to the 
principal and office manager, is a slendid role model for 
students with similar futures in mind. 

Middle Right: Students sit back and listen at the assem- 
bly. Learning manners in a public place is important for 
their tomorrows. 

Bottom Left: Fort Benjamin Harrison gives students a 
close-up view of a helicopter. Andy Woodard, military 
personnel, Debra Skates, Keisha Cooper, Charles Ad- 
ams, and Christy Burke benefit from the demonstration. 

Bottom Right: Teachers guide students for their futures. 
Lisa McDonald, cheerleader sponsor, gives assistance to 
Lorita Hill. 



lO/Student Life 


Students often create to show off their skills or 
to share an experience with others. The Art De- 
partment offers opportunities for students to 
sharpen their creative skills. There are many clas- 
ses offered in the Art Department. These are Ce- 
ramics, Craft Design, Basic and Advanced Art. 
Commercial Art, and the department also plans to 
have a course in Computer Graphics in the future. 
No longer does the department offer Art Appre- 
ciation and Jewelry. 

The department suffered a loss this year when 
Mrs. Pamela Denny-Rohrbach suddenly left to 
join the Key Magnet "Renaissance" School. In 
her place came a new teacher, Ms. Lisa Mc- 
Donald. Ms. McDonald was a welcomed member 
to the department. 

Students sometimes use their skills and talents 
from art classes to enter contests, such as the Scho- 
lastic Regionals and the "500 Festival of Arts." 
Howe students often bring honor to Howe in these. 

The Art Department exists so that students can 
explore various art activities, find out what op- 
portunities are in art, and entertain themselves for 
their own enjoyment. 

Tracey Quarles 

Top Left: These students were a part of a class that 
was eliminated because of a change in the faculty. The 
faculty member was later reinstated and the class was 
again created. Aaron Springer works hard on his jewel- 
ry in this class. 

Top Right: Ronald Palmer gets a drawing lesson from 

Mr. Lynch. 

Middle: Ryan Adams expresses his school spirit on a 
well-made poster in art. 

Right: Tommy Martin is using his cutting skills in art. 

Abo\e: VVilliain l);i\is thinks hard as he cuts his paper 
for art. 



The Business Education Department 
provides the skills needed for the twenty- 
first century. The department offers ac- 
counting, keyboarding, computer training, 
typing, business law, office procedures, 
record keeping. Marketing Education, and 
Cooperative Office Education. Shorthand 
was not offered this year because not 
enough students signed up for it. 

Two new classes existed in the depart- 
ment this year. The first class was in com- 
bination with the freshman families. The 
first semester of this class was Introduc- 
tion to Keyboarding taught by Mrs. Patri- 
cia Aman for five weeks for each of three 
groups. The second semester of this class 
taught by Mrs. Debbie Bare ford was Life 
Skills; each of the three groups spent time 
in this class. The second new class to the 
department was the team teaching of Mrs. 
Bareford and Mr. Dave Stewart in Busi- 
ness Management/Entrepreneurship and 

New also in the department was the up- 
grading of IBM programs to 3. 1 Windows 
in the computer classes. 

Samanthia Tingler 

Above: Jennifer Masters and Melissa Loveless look 
as though they're really getting into their work. 
"Bad day girls?" 

Top Left: Cassandra Graves, Veronica Eldridge. and 
Amy Smith, "positioned correctly." of course, spend 
another day practicing their typing skills. 

Top Right: Jamie Bohannon and Cynthia Foley listen to 
what Mr. John Skene says that would be important to 
them in the future. 

Middle: Leigha Woodson, Julie Bridges. Amy Dean, and 
Cherish McKinney practice business skills that are sure 
to assist them in later life. 

Right: Paulina DeVore, Dianna Bennett, and Dale Kord 
take advantage of their free class time to discuss the 
day's gossip. 



Below: Jason Chapman, Amy Bennett, and Allison Kin- 
ney discuss their group project. 

Middle Right: April Davidson and Jenny Sims gather 
information for their senior English class' oral report. 

This year was an eventful year for the English De- 
partment. Mr. John Ervin retired and was replaced 
by Miss Mary Bancroft. Mr. Joe Vollmer came back 
to join the staff and was welcomed by all. At the 
beginning of the year much confusion was created 
by extra teachers' schedules where no teacher exist- 
ed and by overcrowded classes. Students were 
moved in and out of classes at the beginning of the 
year, and some spent some unstablizing times with 
substitute teachers. Ms. Betsy Morse, who worked 
with the over-aged middle school students, was a 
new face in the department as well as Ms. Jada Ur- 
quhart who was hired on to teach part of a schedule. 

Families for freshmen created a little havoc until 
social studies, math, and English teachers were able 
to work out the bugs in the combined program of 
these disciplines. English joined in more Tech Prep 
projects working with and combining math, science, 
and special education. American Studies and previ- 
ously created Tech Prep classes continued to work 
for students. 

The department created minimum standards to be 
reached by every student at each level of English. 
These standards were based on the school's "four 
essential skills" that all Howe students should be 
able to demonstrate — problem solving; gathering, 
processing, and managing information; integrating 
information and skills; and using interpersonal skills. 

Each English teacher received a welcomed Mac- 
intosh computer for the classroom. The program on 
the computer was Claris Works. Updating the tech- 
nology was difficult for some, but not an insur- 
mountable problem. Keeping the keyboard and the 
mouse in the room was a greater problem with some 
"sticky fingers" around. 

Right: Taeonna Willis and Lenise Muse compare 
notes in their work. 

Above: Keith Caldwell and Debra Skates use team 
work to find answers. 

Right: James Cole, Brandy Bowen, Nakita Clanton, 
David Nelson, Amanda Young, Derrick Horrall. and 
Maurica Thompkins wait patiently for Mrs. Jatinder 
Singh's sophomore class to begin. 


Foreign Language 

Howe welcomed a few new foreign ex- 
change students this year. In addition to the 
two African students, the school has students 
from Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, and 
New Zealand. 

Clubs are an active part of foreign lan- 
guage. Dan Stanley is heading the German 
Club. Clubs for French and Spanish are run 
by Jody George. 

Swiss foreign exchange student Isabelle 
Due and senior Jenny Sims taught French at 
middle schools this year. Also Jason Chap- 
man spent four weeks in France, a wonderful 
experience for any French student. 

A new teacher. Dr. Bonnie Fisher, came to 
Howe this year to teach the second year Latin 
students. Howe lost its former Latin teacher, 
Doyne Swinford, to another school. 

Heidi Wurster 

Top: Advanced French students, Jason Chapman, Man- 
dy Steffey, and Lindsay Russo, concentrate on what Ma- 
dame George is saying. 

Left: Mehssa Haskins Hstens so she can differentiate 
French sounds. 

Abo\ e: Annie Burford and Jennifer Urich find out thai 
leamins a new ianauage isn't as easv as one miaht think. 

14/Foreign Language 

Left: Mr. Bruce Moss always has time for his students. 
Ryan Olson and Tyus Bridges consult him on this day. 

Left Below: Mrs. Stella Vandivier does an outstanding 
job of tackling student, parent, administrator, and teacher 
problems whether the issues concern academics, sched- 
uling, discipline, or whatever. 


With the addition of Select Schools this year, 
scheduling has been more of a problem than in 
the past for Counselors. Adding to the Select 
Schools' difficulties has been innovative clas- 
ses with freshman families and tech prep classes 
combined into block units for scheduling. The 
constant change-over of teachers, losing teach- 
ers and/or adding teachers, as well as over- 
crowded classes, compounded the dilemmas of 
scheduling for the department. 

The department added a new Director of 
Guidance after Mr. David Smartz served as act- 
ing Director of Guidance for a while. Mr. Ar- 
nold Nelson, former counselor at Howe, was 
welcomed in this top position. 

Counselors worked hard this year trying to 
get students the classes they needed to graduate. 
They were, for the first time in a long time, back 
in the classrooms as teachers for a length of 
time. Counselors taught orientation to the fresh- 
man families classes. 

Venita Huddleston 

Above: Mrs. Sandra Petty is now qualified to do all 
things at one time — one would think. 

Right: Mr. Carroll Rumble greets his students with a 
very lively smile for this time of morning. 

Above: Mrs. Mattie Ballow \ work piles up. as docs thai 
of all the counselors, bul Mrs. Ballow siill mainl.iuis ,i 
pleasant smile. 

Counselors/ l.S 

Home Economics 

Rboue: Kathy Turner is teaching Vamika 

Rict}ardson to use all items in the 


Left : Jacob Peters is sitting down to 

eat with his cooking group Hngie 

Lindsay and Tony Gray. 

This year the Home Econom- 
ics Department mas studying 
food sanitation. One of the 
mays students studied this mas 
by putting different foods in 
dishes and letting them sit ouer 
night so they mould grom bac- 
teria. They also learned about 
different diseases that result 
from the toKins found in bacte- 

The Home Economics De- 
partment has a Home Economics 
Club, mhich this year had a fund 
raiser, and the members also 
ment to the Museum of Art to 
uiem the project "I Dream a 

Danny Kord 

Natalie Mertz 

Btjoue: Ms. Therese Calhan poses for a 
picture while cleaning up after her 
foods class. 

Left: Preparing to cook a meal are 
Christina Depp, Steue Bridges, Jamie 
Boyd, Hmanda Brewster, and (in front) 
Maisha Garrard. 

I f)/Home Economics 

Industrial Technology 

Left: Uictor Roar works hard in drafting 
to receive a passing grade. 

Rig fit: Joe UJoods tielps Charlie Rdams 
with his Industrial Rrts assignment. 

Below: Mike Goodall demonstrates his 
skill in phototgpesetting. 

Industrial Technology Is a 
course mhich prouides students 
ujith an opportunity to practice 
their skills. Students taking these 
courses increase their knomledge 
in a field ujhich mag some dag 
become a part of their Hues. 

This gear, the communitg 
planning class was uiorking indi- 
uidually on computers in a pro- 
gram called Sun-Citg through 
uihich theg planned all aspects of 
a neuj citg. 

HIso this gear, drafting 
classes mere doing lots of com- 
puter ujork. The graphic commu- 
nication classes had neui pro- 
grams and neui computers to do 
their graphics. 

Industrial Technology courses 
haue prouen to be important In 
the curriculum for students ujho 
uiish to further their knowledge in 
this trade. 

Uicki Beck 

Left: Chester Bohannon, Robert Burford, 
Ralph Jarre tt, Michael Rllenbeto stand 
patiently to receive their papers from 
the printer. 

Industrial TcchnoloR>/17 

The year of 1993 was an exciting year 
for the Math Club. They took a trip to Nia- 
gara Falls. They left October 20 and re- 
turned October 23. The Math Department 
received new computers, graphing calcu- 
lators, and other materials that were need- 
ed. The teachers seemed to be excited 
about this and new programs including 
Tech Prep, sophomore families, and fresh- 
man families. Hopefully, these new pro- 
grams will be successful in the future. 

Karie Poynter 

Top: Students react differently to problems in math 
while Martha Diggle helps some in the class. Matt 
Patterson, Jamie Boyd, Keisha Degraphenreed, Ste- 
phanie Martinelle, Misty Plew, and Tracy Murphy 
are those observed. 

Bottom: Phung Tran, Kathryn Petty, and Melissa 
Trotter are hard at work in Mrs. Carolyn Freeman's 
math class, or are they hardly working? 

! 8/Math 


f B t) >. . 

Above: Musse and Tedros Andemicael look as 
though their gruehng over their English assignments 
as Mr. Art Gonzalez helps them. 

Right: Mr. Warren Dressier enjoys the food provided 
by the Media Club using a Western theme. 

Right: These students are able to use most of the new 
technology in the library but choose to use books in 
the fiction section. 

Above: Gregory Schmidt, media assistant, aids 
teachers by preparing food for them at the spring 
recognition luncheon. 


The Media Center has become a panacea 
of modem technology. Computer encyclo- 
pedias, magazines, databases, and such were 
in much demand in the library. 

Elmo was the latest piece of technology to 
be purchased by the Media Center. It copied 
any printed material, pictures, film, or object 
students needed onto a video floppy disk. The 
zap-shot camera, a computer, and digitizer 
was used with Elmo to produce pictures as 
well as words. The film editor was added to 
the Media inventory, allowing students to ed- 
it videotapes they produces for class projects. 

Ten Apple Macintosh computers were 
available in the Center as a moveable com- 
puter lab, allowing students to learn the Mac- 
intosh in classrooms. The library was proud 
of its collection of children's books made 
available for the teaching of youngsters by 
high school students. The Media Club con- 
tinued its tradition of serving teachers lunch- 
es to show their appreciation. 

Above: Mr. Irvin Haas and Mrs. Joanna LefOer. librar- 
ians, are busy getting things ready for the new school 


Physical Education 

Top Left: Photographer Stephanie Harris tried out the 
equipment in the conditioning room. 

Top Right: "Muscle Man" Chris Anderson heads for 
the showers after a hard day's workout. 

Right: Mr. Thomas Renie's gym class prepares for its 
daily workout. 

The Physical Education Department emphasizes fit- 
ness for life during daily routines in all classes which 
helps students' progress and helps each develop at his 
or her own rate. Fitness and skill tests are an integral 
pan of preparing the students. The basic Physical Edu- 
cation classes are designed so that students experience 
various activities and games which develop the individ- 
ual physically and socially. 

Conditioning and Team Sports are selected classes for 
students who want to expand their athletic abilities on a 
fitness level. The Health classes are designed to inform 
students about healthy lifestyles. Information from var- 
ious sources are presented and studied to help students 
form opinions about the lifestyles best suited for each 
situation. Second semester of Health again has been add- 
ed to the curriculum to include a more detailed study of 
drug education, family health, and communicable dis- 

Nicole Quarles/Tom Renie 

20/Physical Education 

The Science Department formed a goal of more 
hands-on activities for a new start this year. New also 
this year was its department chairman, Mr. Bill Buckley, 
who took over after the retirement of Mr. Robert Ed- 
wards. Mr. Tim Jessup returned to the department and 
was welcomed back. Mr. Bill Smith, having always 
wanted a head coaching position, was given one at Tech 
High; Tech's gain was Howe's loss. Each classroom in 
the department received a new Macintosh computer, al- 
lowing its instruction to reach toward modem technol- 
ogy. This year also for the first time, the department 
united with math and English for Tech Prep and fresh- 
man families classes. 

Top Left: Mr. Bill Smith prepares to give his final bi- 
ology test here at Howe. 

Top Right: Joshua Light is doing an experiment while 
looking in a microscope. 

Above: Tarrence Craft is taking a break from his biology 

Left: Michael Deal, Kim Watson. Christina Helping, and 
Levi McNeely are waiting for their assignment in ph\s- 
ical science. 

Above: Ben Bundy looks as though he's domg a tine 
job in preparing for a biology test. 


Social Studies 

Left: Laura Cary, Dora Noe, Jeff Parrish, and 
Nicole Parker are waiting patiently for Mr. 
David Stewart to begin another day of gov- 

Right: Lorita Hill, Jeff McClure, and Carrie »- . 

McFarland clutter their brains during worid mCS*^ 
civilization. ^^^"^ 

Below: Amanda Brewster and Steve Fan- 
work very hard during civics. 

The Social Studies Department was working on getting 
students more involved this year. The teachers were trying 
to go toward less lecturing and more classroom invoh ement. 
They had gotten together and redefined some old goals to 
fit in with new concepts. The teachers were working on four 
essential skills: ( 1 ) Problem Solving (2) Gathenng. Process- 
ing, and Managing Information (3) Integrating Information 
and Skills (4) Using Interpersonal Skills. 

The loss of Mrs. Vicki Martich left the social studies clas- 
ses very full and the teachers verv' busy. The entire mem- 
bership of the department would be very- happy to ha\e Mrs. 
Martich back. She was. moreover, missed by the students 
who knew her. 

Mr. Charles McGinley remarked that in the classroom 
there needed to be 100% more interaction. 

Stephanie Harris 

Above: Sharanda Carr, Jason Hamby, and Twyla Rag- 
land study hard for a passing grade in civics. 

Right: Mickelle Goss, Christy Welch, Rebecca Pierce 
(■front to back;, Edith Carson, (front), and Christian Ellis 
in economics class decide whether or not Clinton's 
budget is good. 

22/Social Studies 


Above: Melissa Cotton studies hard for a test. 

Left: Ms. Tamika Black had her class working in a cit- 
izenship course. 

Below; Ms. Tamika Black takes attendance while her 
citizenship class reviews course work. 

Cl.iN^rooin lAiiK',ition/2.' 



















Homecoming festivities started with Spirit Week on 
Monday, September 13. The first day students wore bag- 
gy pants and Disney shirts. The next day was dress up 
day, then sports logo day, after that class colors day, and 
finally brown and gold day. The Homecoming Parade 
started at Ellenberger Part at 6 P.M. on Thursday, Sep- 
tember 17th, with a "Friends of Howe" pizza supper 
before it. At 7:30 P.M. the game started. At half time 
LeTina Tandy was crowned queen with Lindsay Russo, 
first runner up, and Annie Burford, second runner up. 
Howe won the game against Manual. It was the first win 
of the year. There was a dance after the game, and Der- 
rick Richardson was crowned king, with Jason Hamby, 
first runner up, and Chris Wilson, second runner up. 

Top Left: LeTina Tandy is all smiles after 
winning the title of Fall Homecoming 
Queen of 1993. 

Top Right; Seniors decorate their cars as a 
show of support for the Homecoming 
Game — "No more after "94." 

Middle: Volleyball team members Becky- 
Hicks. Jennifer Hollenbaugh. Rhonda 
Troutman, and Crystal Morelock cruise in 
Senior Crystal Whitehead's truck during the 
Homecoming Parade. 

Left (Top to Bottom): Matt Zander. Jason 
Thompson, and Christine Dearth do their 
part in decorating the Howe Homecoming 
Parade float. 


Above: Angie Shadduck and friends break it down 
during the Homecoming Dance. 

Below: Hollie Bays shows her Hornet spirit by paint- 
ing her face in alternating brown and gold. 

Above: Howe Hornets football players crush a Manual 
Redskin during the Homecoming Game, which illus- 
trates well "Howe" the game went. 

Below: Mandy Steffey and Dora Noe hold the Howe 
banner as they march down the streets during the 
Homecoming Parade. 



Below: Donald Engle and Chris Wilson pose as cheer- 
leaders during the pep rally. How about some skirts, 

guys .' 

L -^ 









L r,.<w- , ^ 

.— _^'fiL_^il_ 




Right: Math Club (Left to Right): Back Row: Brandy 
Plew, Chad Marshall, Doug Sims. Middle Row: Debi 
Williams, Jason Chapman, Kevin Conrad, Justin Morris, 
Chad Price. Front Row: Jamie Bohannon, Mickelle 
Goss, Tricha Wilson, Jessica Bell. 

Left: Stage Design (Left to Right): Back Row: Ray Clif- 
ton, Ryan Adams, Mike Bell, Glen Schmidt. James 
Turner, James Lynch. Front Row: Christina Ball. Carrie 
McFarland, Matt Zander, Christina Dearth, Jamie 

Right: Girls Track Team (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Sean Marcum, John Wiggins (Coaches). Second Row: 
Jennifer Perdue, Brandy Bowen, Carrie Hubbard, Chris- 
ty Burke, Tamika Adams. Front Row: Amanda Young, 
Christina Burgess, Cassie Weidner. 

Left: Thespians (Left to Right): Back Row: Sam Hobbs. 
Josh Roof. Dave Nelson. Carrie Deeter. Kenny Burnett. 
Front Row: Laura Keller, Whitney McDonald, Elizabeth 
Tull, Annie Dearth. 


Right: Hilltopper Staff (Left to Right): Back Row: Dean- 
na Quarles, Kane Poynter, Gina Bixler, Brandy Free- 
men, Stephanie Harris, Debi Williams. Front Row: Heidi 
Wurster, Nicole Quarles, Tracy Quarles, Danny Kord. 

Right: JROTC Rifle Team (Left to Right): Back Row: 
William Nichols, John Pasch, Scotty Jett, Michael 01- 
lanketo, C.J. Roark, Jeremy Niemann. Front Row: Jim 
Parry, Chad Price, Dennis Bratt. 


Right: International Club (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Brandy Freeman, Jason Chapman, Mandy Steffey. Front 
Row: Jennifer Weaver, Chad Price. 

Left: French Club (Left to Right;: Back Row: Chad 
Price, Mandy Steffey, Jason Chapman, Debi Williams. 
Front Row: Justin Morris, Beth Gilpin. Brandy Freeman. 

Right: German Club (Left to Right): Back Row: Kathy 
McMillian, Mr. Dan Stanley. Front Row: Carla Nie- 
mann, Jessica Bell. 


Right: Pen Points (Left to Right): Back Row: Kari 
Childers, Brandy Freeman, Misty Dinn, Meilssa 
Loveless, Mickelle Goss. Front Row: Dora Noe, 
Lindsay Russo, Heidi Wurster, Jessica Bell. 

Left: Academic Competition (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Debi Williams, Robin Rogers, Jason Chapman, Jamie 
Bohannon, Josh Roof, Nicole Duncan, Brandon Spratt, 
Aaron Springer. Front Row: Brandy Plew, Annie Dearth, 
Elizabeth Tull, Grant McDonald, Laura Keller, Jessica 
Bell, Mickelle Goss. 

Right: Brain Game (Left to Right): Front Row: Elizabeth 
Tull, Grant McDonald, Laura Keller, Jessica Bell. Back 
Row; Errol Spears, Nicole Duncan, Brandon Spratt, Aar- 
on Springer. 

Left: Success Without Drugs Team (Left to Right): Third 
Row: Kanisha Amos, Sam Hobbs, William Malone, Cor- 
ey Fields, Wayne Brown, Joanne Wright, Heather Tay- 
lor, Joe Winchester, Dennis Boyd, Karie Poynter, Robert 
Sheets, Kevin Starr, Josh Roof, Sponsor Chuck Page. 
Second Row: Grant McDonald, Kate Eytchison, Carrie 
Brown, Natalie Mertz, Lindsay Russo, Dora Noe, Dawn 
Smith, Kari Childers, Nicole Duncan, Amiee Zoeller. 
Tony Petty, Elizabeth Tull, Jessica Bell. First Row: Jen- 
nifer Hollenbough, Crystal Morelock, Carrie Deeter. 
Heidi Wurster, Heather Tolin, Becky Hicks. Jennifer 
Piersall, Jennifer Urich, Jason Tucher, Amanda Young. 


Right: Spanish Club (Left to Right): Back Row: Mr. Joe 
Vespo, Chad Price, Tashia Guynn, Jamie Bohannon, De- 
bi Williams, Carrie Deeter. Front Row: Nicole Duncan, 
Elizabeth Tull, Mickelle Goss, Dora Noe, Justin Morris. 

Left: Student Council (Left to Right); First Row: Chad 
Price, Cheryl St. Lawrence, Marsha Guynn. Veronica 
Elderidge, Sarah Daniels, Laura McBumie. Second 
Row: Tashia Guynn, Twannette Harrington. Misty Dinn, 
LaToya Preer. Lonta Hill. Hollie Bays. Third Row: Jen- 
nifer Weaver. Brandon Spratt. Kari Childers. Mandy 
Steffey, Derrick Richardson, Justin Morris, Doug Sims, 
Mrs. Aman. 

Right: Cooperative Office Education, COE, (Left to 
Right): Back Row: Shannon Smith, Dietra Taylor, An- 
thony Petty, Telisa Hill, Yvonne Perry. Front Row: Lau- 
ra Ramsey, Jessica Hammond. 

Left: Tower Staff (Left to Right): Back Row": Chris Nel- 
son, Brandy Freeman. Misty Dinn. Melissa Loveless. 
Front Row: Dora Noe. Kari Childers, Lindsay Russo. 
Heidi Wurster, Jessica Bell. 


Right: French Club (Left to Right): Sarah Daniels, Man- 
dy Steffey, Jason Chapman, Debi Williams. 

Left: Mentor (Left to Right): Front Row: Carrie Deeter, 
Lashawn Kirk, Laura McBumie, Rickey Canady, Chris- 
tine Dearth, TeLisa Hill. Second Row: Mr. Bryant, Ms. 
Carroll, Latina Tandy, Adriana Kendall, Misty Dinn, 
Carrie Stewart, Dave Davis, Sabea Smith, Cheryl Max- 
well. Third Row: Kevin Conrad, Charles Anderson, Da- 
vid Moenius, Crystal Whitehead, Derrick Richardson, 
Marvin McGregor, James Irby, Scott Mitchell, Joshua 

Right: Industrial Cooperative Technology (Left to 
Right): Third Row: Lisa Jackson, Sandy Jenkins, April 
Nalley, Michelle Evans, Jason Wilson, John Harris, 
Shawn Kirk, LaTasha Chatman, Kim Litteral, Ken 
Marks. Second Row: Karen Parker, Christy Welch, Don- 
ald Engle, Edith Carson, Chris Wilson, Tamika Schmidt, 
Christian Ellis, Heather Hopkins, Joanne Wright. First 
Row: Jeff Parrish, Linda Milbum, Aundrea Kendall, Ad- 
riana Kendall. 

Left: National Honor (Left to Right): Third Row: Evelyn 
Keaton, Brandi Plew, Chad Marshall, Jason Chapman, 
Jamie Bohannon, Kevin Conrad, Justin Morris. Second 
Row: Jennifer Ireland, Nicole Duncan, Laura Keller, 
Jennifer Weaver, Tashia Guynn, Amy Whiteman, Grant 
McDonald. Front Row: Carrie Deeter, Christine Dearth. 
Dora Noe, Elizabeth Tull, Trisha Wilson, Mickelle Goss. 

Groups/.^ I 


A. k:;^ 

Top: Andy Woodard. Mike Gaton. and John Pritchard 
1 1 are trying out their new make-up tips for the musical 

Left: Jason Thompson takes a breather after his scene in 
last year's musical CINDERELLA. 

Far Left: Tonya Spurgeon marches down Juhan holding 
her trombone. 



Top: Mr. Tom Lewis conducts his on-looking students 
so that they may strive for excellence. 

Above: Jake Peters marches in time while banging on 
his big drum. 

Above Right: Misty Plew, as a member of the flag girls 
for the band, keeps pace with the marching group. 

Right: The Howe Marching Band steps in time to the 
music as the band plays on. 






Below: The orchestra prepares to play "Unchained Mel 
Below: Elizabeth Tull and Josh Roof sing their Alma ody" at Howe's annual Pops Concert. 
Mater as the Varsity Singers perform at the Pops Con- Bottom: Elizabeth Tull graces us with a smile as she get 
cert. her hair done for the musical. 


Left: Howe's Concert Choir watches Mr. Thomas Lewis 
as he leads them through "Cantata Domino" at their 

Below: The orchestra class rehearses for their next per- 

Right: The piano class learns not only to play the piano 
but to read music. 

Above: Jennifer Hollenbaugh and Annie Dearth take a 
break from playing to listen to their teacher. 

Left: Sam Hobbs dons his sunglasses as Varsity Singers 
pertbmi "The 30 Stales' Rap." 








ROGER ^- ^e B=o3a« ^^^g^ W 


Below (Left to Right): Senior Principal Characters: Mike 
Tieman, Leading Player; Mike Deal, Pippin. 

Below (Top to Bottom): Senior Principal Characters: 
Carrie Deeter, Fastrada; Christina Dearth, Catherine. 

This past spring, Howe's music department presented the mu- 
sical. Pippin, by Stephen Schwartz. Tom Lewis was the director, 
assisted by Kevin Friedly and choreographer Linda Rees. Pippin 
is about a group of actors who come together to portray the life 
of King Charlemagne's son. Pippin. In this musical comedy. 
Pippin searches for fulfillment in his life. He searches through 
the "Glory" of the Crusades, through being Emperor of the Holy 
Roman Empire, and through love. 

The principal characters were Leading Player, Mike Tieman; 
Pippin, Mike Deal; King Charlemagne, Josh Roof; Lewis, Sam 
Hobbs; Fastrada, Carrie Deeter; Berthe, Elizabeth Tull; and 
Catherine, Christine Dearth. The many talented chorus members, 
along with the principals, made this production a success. 

has been a tradition at Howe to produce an outstanding 
musical each spring. Howe is known for its musicals, and this 
success must continue. The musical would not have been a suc- 
cess, however, without the support of the students and staff The 
cast hoped that people did "Spread a Little Sunshine" and kept 
the word around about Pippin. The cast members also asked for 
others to get on "The Right Track" and to put March 1 1 and 
12, 1994, on their calendars because the musical was to be there 
in "No Time At All." It was thought no one should have wanted 
10 miss it, for they (the members of the cast) had "Magic To 
Do," just tor each one! 

Elizabeth Tull 

Above (Left to Right): Junior Principal Characters: Josh 
Roof, King Charlemagne; Elizabeth Tull, Berthe; Sam 
Hobbs, Lewis. 


Music Groups 

Above: Orchestra (Left to Right): Fourth Row: 
James Brown, John Ollanketo, Hadley Roof, Leshe 
Bartolowits. Third Row: Annie Burford, Melissa 
Hoskins, Natalie Marshall, Alicia Hager, Deborah 
Williams, Paulina DeVore, Stephanie Martinelle, 
Brandy Bowen, Bobbi Wesner, Barbara Parks, 
Christine Helpling. Second Row: Christine Dearth, 
Annie Dearth, Jennifer Hollenbaugh, Mari Capps, 
Rebecca Wiker, Anne Jones, Amy Dean, Cynthia 
Foley, Misty Neighbors, Crystal Staples, Monica Ed- 
wards. First Row: Leonna Helton, Jennifer Ireland, 
Sarah Planalp, Crystal Matrau, Twannette Harring- 

Above: Concert Choir (Left to Right): First Row: Johnnie Johnson, Laura Keller, 
Rebekah Meek, Christine Dearth, Rene Saulsbery, Starr McFarland, Monique Lan- 
ge, Mary Stamps, Tara Bake'r, Elizabeth Tull. Second Row: Jamie Boyd, Carrie 
Deeter, Nicole Duncan, Jennifer Lake, Shannon Hunter, Gina Tetrick, Christine 

Farber, Mandy Steffey. Cassie Weidner. Brandy Johnson, Annie Dearth. Laura 
McBumie. Third Row: Cynthia Foley. Debbie Ingram. Ricky Canady. Darron Pow- 
ell. Chris Archer, Kevin Starr. Josh Roof, Justin Morris. Sam Hobbs. Daxid Nelson. 
Doug Sims, Jamaal Reedus, Robert MuUinex, Luciana Duerson. Natalie Blackwell. 

38/Music Groups 

Above Top: Band (Left to Right): First Row: Brandi Plew, Christy 
Butler, Stacy Eisey, Kelly Kerr. Trisha Wilson, Michelle Akins. Second 
Row: Jessica Bell, Tina Comett, Jennifer Weaver, Keith Owens, David 
Keglar, LaShawn Kirk, Michael Hollenbaugh, Carrier Hubbard, Kevin 
Conrad, Third Row (sitting): Tasha Clark, Kelly Rothwell (standing) 
James Buskirk, Jason Isenberg, Jeffery Barker, Justin Morris, Tanya 
Spurgeon, Jason Chapman, Christopher Anderson, Karen Dunn, (sit- 
ting) Ann Marie Hucks, Tenika Witt, Amanda Young. Fourth Row: 
Jamie Bohannon (Drum Major), Charlie Watson, Joe Keith, Joseph 

Marshall, Jacob Peters, Thomas Stone. William Nichols. Mr. Keith 
White. Director. 

Above: Varsity Singers (Left to Right): From Row: Hli/abcth lull. 
Josh Roof, Carrie Deeter, Mike Deal, Sam Hobbs, Gina Tetnck, 
Kevin Starr, Annie Dearth. Back Row: Nicole Duncan, Jason 
Thompson, Laura Keller. David Nelson. Brands Johnson, Justin 
MoiTis. Cindy Foley. 
Left: Mr, Keith Whuc loins in u nh the 

Music Groups/.^) 

Below: The landing of a helicopter was one of the 
most impressive activities of the class. 
Bottom Left: Sergeant Malone participates in the in- 
spection for Eric Grimes, Jeff Wynne, and David 



Above: Some Howe students were asking a gentle- 
man from Fort Harrison if after they graduate they 
could have a career in the military. 
Below: Jeff Wynne sits in class hstening to the teach- 
er speak. 



p4 \ 




Below: Inspection was often rigorous for members as 
Scott Childers, Becky Golden, Maria McCleandon, and 
Corey Maryland. 

Below: The JROTC Color Guard, Tara Baker. 
Chad Price, Jimmy Parry, and Dennis Brati, is 
followed by the cheerleaders as they march m 
the Homecoming Parade. 


The students of the JROTC group had a 
larger enrollment this year. The Howe troupe 
seemed more disciplined this year also. Be- 
cause of larger enrollment, this meant the in- 
spections were larger. For inspections, 
JROTC students had to learn the three gen- 
eral orders. They also had to wear their uni- 
forms to school each Thursday for these in- 

JROTC students did a lot of marching this 
year. The Veterans' Day Parade in November 
was a big day for Howe's military marching. 
The Color Guard of this class represented 
Howe at all games, school parades, and as- 
semblies. The primary goal of the JROTC 
class was to motivate students to be better 

Danny Kord 

Below: Students gather around the helicopter as it lands 
in the parking lot. 


Below: Copy Editor Jessica Bell reads on as a story gets printed Below: News Editor Rebekah Meek cuts articles 
up on the computer in TOWER, out of the newspaper for TOWER. 

Above: Senior and Editor Brandy Freeman looks in- Below: Editor Lindsay Russo and Assistant Sports Editor Whit- 
tensely into the computer as she works on the next ney McDonald look over an editorial for the TOWER. 
"BIG" story. Right: Sports Editor Crystal Whitehead and Reporter Keon 

Searcey put their heads together for a news story. 
Below: Melissa Loveless, feature editor, edits her 
page before it goes to press. 



Below Left: Columnist Steve Abner and Copy 
Editor Jessica Bell put together articles for TOW- 

Below Right: Columnist Steve Abner looks into 
some information for "Abner's Attitude." 

Most of the staff this year had never worked on 
the newspaper before; most had not even taken 
joumaHsm. But like troupers, they dug in and did 
the job, learning as they went along. 

This year's paper had two staffs; each staff put 
out a paper every other week. The amount of work 
done was exceptional. Papers were out even on the 
weeks with half days and holidays in them. This 
staff put out in total number more than any in the 
last several years. 

Karl Childers and Lindsay Russo were editors 
for one staff; Brandy Freeman, for another. The 
editors and page editors were diligent and hard 
working. Some made the layouts for the pages on 
the computer and others learned how. 

The TOWER was completely computer gener- 
ated; after print-ready copies were made, produc- 
tion classes in Industrial Technology made copies 
for the student body. The computer broke down 
only once; the printer, only once; and the scanner, 
only once. The floppy disks were damaged more 
than once. The staff had a difficult time trying to 
connect the new zap camera pictures to the com- 

Far Left: News Editor Heidi Wurster finds im- 
portant errors when editing. 

Below: Feature Editor Monique Lange prepares 
articles for the newspaper. 

Left: Editor Kari Childers smiles at a job well- 
done in the TOWER. 


Above: Crystal Whitehead supports Howe during the 
Homecoming Game against Manual by making sure her 
ride is in Hornet decor. 

Right: Ray Clifton seems to be enjoying himself while 
participating with Student Council in trying to get our 
Homecoming float for the parade completed. 

Above: Howe students leave the pep session with smiles 
of appreciation on their faces. 

Right: Joanna Wright and Heather Taylor, the "Beast 
Girls." show their Hornet pride during the Homecoming 

s c 

T O 

U U 

D N 

E C 

N I 

T L 

44/.Sludenl Council 

Student Council Supports Activities 

Above: Students stand around Mrs. Patricia Aman to 
hear her instructions for the pep assembly. 

Right: Howe students are ready to cheer for the Home- 
coming Pep Rally. 

Below: Lorita Hill's father supports the school in many 
ways, often with his own time and money. He dresses 
up to be Howe's mascot. 


Above: The Howe Varsity Football Team stands in rec- 
»* ognition for fan support. 

„ Below: Howe fans, Miesha Searcey and Silvia Mays still 

J.. had enough energy after shouting at the Homecoming 

^^l^ Game to attend the dance afterward and enjoy them- 

.StUik-m C\HllK-ll/4.'i 


Left: Carrie Hubbard, with the Coach Sean 
Marcum and Coach John Wiggins, discusses 
the strategies for the next meet. 

Right: Dave Mathis shows complete concen- 
tration as he clears another low hurdle. 

Below: Johnny Ray blows the competition 
out in the two mile. 

v> „ 





•>(¥& I 


The '92- '93 Track Team looked a little shab- 
by in the beginning, but eventually turned into 
a top City contender. With returning seniors 
Dave Mathis and Damon Bryant and Junior Da- 
mon Turner the Hornet Track Team put up a 
good fight against all competitors. Placing third 
at both IPSAC and City, the Hornets did excep- 
tionally well for an inexperienced team. Next 
year, look out for returning Junior Corey 
Vaughn and Sophomore Johnny Ray. 

Above: Jimmy Quarles fights for first place in the 800m. 

Right: Damon Bryant leaps over the high jump bar in 



Top Left: Outstanding Senior Damon Bryant managed 
to win fourth place in the Regionals for Howe track in 
the 800 meter. 

Top Right: Senior and "Athlete of the Year 1993" Dave 
Mathis won the Sectionals and Regionals and represent- 
ed Howe at the State Finals, finishing with second place 
in the high hurdles and fourth place in the low hurdles 
and capturing another remarkable record for Howe. 

Above: Jason Thompson puts all of his power behind the 
shot put. 

Right: Jamie Boyd shows her ambition for winning as 
she waits for the gun. 


Far Left: Showing excellent form, William Malone 
serves up a wicked pitch. 

Left: Getting the ball in the pocket is imponant to the 
catcher, Dan Poynter. 

Below: Grant McDonald gives "Hornet" power to his 


Below: Varsity Baseball Team (Left to Right): Back Raymer, James Brown, Grant McDonald. Front Row; 
Row: Assistant Coach Mike Hepler, Head Coach Tom Dennis Boyd, Donte Nichols, Kyle Wallace, Eric Mahin, 
Renie, Lam Do, Dan Poynter, Randy Lyons, Branden Chris Wilson, David Moenius, William Malone. 



The 1993 Baseball Team was a team to 
make Howe proud. The team was young and 
inexperienced but came in second in the In- 
dianapolis Public Schools Athletic Competi- 
tion games. The team, in spite of a pre-season 
loss, kept a positive attimde at all times and 
ended the season with a 9-13 record. 

The captains for the team were all remm- 
ing seniors — Eric Mahin, Randy Lyons, and 
Branden Raymer. The coaches. Physical Ed- 
ucation Department Chairman and Head 
Coach Thomas Renie and math teacher and 
Assistant Coach Mike Hepler. had high hopes 
for the team. Renie stated that the team want- 
ed a chance to prove itself. 

liv*:-''- ' 


Above: Junior Varsity Baseball Team (Left to Right): 
Back Row: Chris Anderson, Chris Reed, Keith Young, 
Mike Pratt, Matt Beck, Eddie Hix, Coach Mike Hepler. 
Front Row: Torrence Twyman, Robert Sheets, Kevin 
Starr, Ryan Sterrett, Shawn Cline, Shawn Allen, Dale 

Left: Coach Renie keeps on top of the game with stats 
along with Donte Nichols. 


Below; Coach Smith confers with Jason Russo and Tom 

Below: Mike Tieman has learned the importance of the 
follow through of his swing. 

Boys Golf 

The 1993 Golf Team had a good year 
with a record 6-7 win/loss. The most val- 
uable player title was given to Mike Tier- 
nan. This very determined team's score 
improved to the point that they were the 
best we've had in three years. 

Karie Poynter 

** .,■■» 

Above Far Left: Darin Games puts his full concentration 
in this drive. 

Above Middle: Joe Winchester tries to line up the balli] 
and the objective. 

Above: With a stressful look. Tom Morgan begins his 

Left: Boys Golf Team (Left to Right): Back Row: Coach 
Bill Smith. Darin Cames. Keidi Owens. Mike Tieman. |T 
Andy Dammeyer. Joe Winchester. Chris Gross. Front 1 s 
Row: Jason Russo. Tom Morgan. 


.■so/Boys Golf 

Girls Tennis 

Top Right: Christina Dearth tries to anticipate the 


Above: Shannon Hunter doesn't break a sweat this 

Middle Right: Julie Bridges appears to be in thought 
as she approaches the court. 

Above: Jennifer Urich finds the strength for this hit. 

Giris Tennis Team (Left to Right): Back Row: Coach 
Terry Mahler, Karie Poynter, Julie Bridges. Brad Law- 
master. Middle Row: Annie Burford, Aimee Zoeller, 
Shannon Hunter. Front Row: Christina Dearth, Jennifer 

Howe's Girls Tennis Teain had a very 
good start this year. This is the first year for 
all of them, and it's a freshman group, that 
is, all but one. Consequently, there is great 
potential for this group. 

Under the direction of Head Coach Terry 
Mahler, Assistant Coach Jennifer McNally, 
and Student Assistant Brad Lawmastcr the 
team improved rapidly. It .seems this team 
will go far next year. 

More than anything the loam is Inn. The 
team members arc hard workers, and they 
care about their game. 

Christina Dearth 

(liiK rcniiis/,^1 

Above-. Softball Team (Left to Right): Back Row: Lind- Top Right: Jennifer Hollenbaugh waits and anticipates 

say Russo, Jennifer Weaver, Missy Bow, Crystal Whi- the ball's curve and speed. 

tehead. Missy Saiyers, Julie Thompson, Hollie Bays, 

Coach Gary Gill. Front Row; Vicki Beck, Heather Tolin, Middle: Crystal Whitehead stares at the batter, waiting 

Jennifer Hollenbaugh, Crystal Morelock, Karen Parker, for the ball to come her way. , ^ ,, ^ -r , j , ,u 

„ , ,,. , „ 1 ,, Opposite Page Bottom Left: Heather Tolin ducks as the 

Becky Hicks, Brandy Johnson. ^^ I ,. i. j 

Bottom Right: Vicki Beck and Lindsay Russo enjoy mu- ball approaches her head. 

Top: A pitched ball is a hazard to be avoided. sic while nourishing the body before practice. 


Left: Heather Tolin tries to confuse the baiter with a 
slow pitch. 

Middle: Coach Gill tires up the "Lady Hornets" for 
the game. 

The "Lady Hornets" Softball Team 
came back with a more powerful sting 
than ever. With the help of new coach, 
Gary Gill, the Girls Softball Team came 
back with determination. 

The captain. Missy Salyers, was not 
around for the spring of 1994 season, but 
she was remembered and missed. 

Crystal Morelock, Crystal Whitehead, 
and Heather Tolin were a force to watch 
in the 1994 season. 

Left: Captain Salyers 
knows that ground balls 
can be dangerous for jam- 
ming fingers, but she 
waits for the ball to come 
her way. 


Above: Mike Mundy throws the ball to a teammate for 
a touchdown. 

Right: Freshman Football Team (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Coach Paul Miller, Coach Walker, Coach Mike 
Hepler. Third Row: Steve Chism, Christopher Crabtree, 
Patrick Page, Patrick Litteral, James Allen, Ross Child- 
ers, Louis Locander, Michael Hollenbaugh, Damon Tay- 
lor. Second Row: Kurt Mitchell, Michael Raines, Lance 
Huggins, John Dicken, Jeffery Hamilton, John Ollan- 
keto, Mike Bozarth, Jack Jackson. Front Row: Zachary 
.Meek, Coleman Anderson, Michael Hobson, Desional 
Irby, Damon Thompkins, Damon Turner, Ronald 
•McGraw, Reggie Short. 


The Football Team did not bat 1000, but its record 
was not embarrassing. They won as many as they lost, 
4-4 record. Most important, the team won the games 
that meant a lot to them, the Homecoming Game and 
the game with Tech High School. 

Coach Harpold was happy for the new classifica- 
I tion Howe received because of its low male enroll- 
ment. Howe was no longer classified as 5A but as 4A. 
This year's Captains Derrick Richardson and Josh 
Wakelam should not have been totally unhappy with 
their team's performance for the year. A loss at Sec- 
tionals did not please the team, but should not have 
taken away from the enjoyment they gave the fans 
throughout the year. The team can, however, be proud 
of winning third in IPSAC and sixth in City. 

Honors on the team were given to Scott Wessel, 
Mental Attitude; Derrick Richardson, MVP; Scott 
Wessel and David Davis, Outstanding Offensive and 
Defensive Linesmen; Mike Mundy, Wayne Brown 
and Derrick Horrall, Desional Irby, Outstanding Jun- 
ior, Sophomores, and Freshman; Josh Wakelam, 
Steve Harton Award; and Pat Page, Freshman Mental 

Dawn Smith 


Left; Jerry Pryuer hugs the ball tightly to keep opponents 
from stealing his thunder. 

Below: Varsity Football Team (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Coach Dick Harpold, Trainer Jim Keenan, Coach 
Charles Page, Assistant Ron Finkbiner. Fourth Row: Da- 
vid Unseld, Richard Grubb, Matt Patterson, Wayne 
Brown, Lam Do, Dennis Boyd, Kevin Starr, Mike Mun- 
dy, Danny Poynter. Third Row: Donovan Hill, Derrick 
Horrall, Grant McDonald, Kevin Griffin, David Twitty, 
Brad Jones, Scott Childers, Chester Combs. Second 
Row: Kevin Sullivan, Darrell Davis, Scott Wessel, Craig 
Smith, Keith Young, Charlie Adams, Jerry Pryuer, Ken- 
neth Combs, Josh Morey. Front Row: Jerry Young, Ja- 
son Thompson, Keith Owens, David Davis, Derrick Ri- 
chardson, Josh Wakelam, Charlie Anderson, David 
Moenius, Damon Tumer, James Irby. 

' 57-. .76. 


Below: The volleyball team is getting ready to play a 
good game with a good cheer. 

Right: Jennifer Hollenbaugh is hitting the bail for some- 
one to set it. 

Bottom: Varsity Volleyball Team (Left to Right): Back 
Row: Danny Kord, Rhonda Troutman, Jennifer Lake, 
Coach Brian Hawkins, Becky Hicks, Lindsay Russo. 
Front Row: Crystal Morelock, Heather Tolin, Crystal 
Whitehead, Jennifer Hollenbaugh. 

Howe's girls volleyball teams had an ex- 
cellent season this year. The varsity finished 
with a third place win in IPSAC. Skill levels 
improved throughout the year, and overall at- 
titude also greatly improved towards the end 
of the season. One of the new techniques the 
team had been using was a rotation defense 
with specialized played position on the court. 

New Head Coach Brian Hawkins, an 87 
graduate from Howe, replaced Ms. Pamela 
Rohrbach when she transferred to a different 
school. Hawkins led the team into a better 
season. Varsity captains were two seniors: 
Crystal Whitehead and Heather Tolin. 

The team is really looking forward to next 
season. They hope to get some good incom- 
ing freshman and have a much better year. 

Vicki Beck 

Danny Kord 



Above: JV Volleyball Team (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Tara Baker, Misty Neighbors, Leonna Helton, Paulina 
DeVore, Christine Farber, Rachel Brake, Danny Kord. 
Middle Row: Crystal Matrau, Isabella Due, Dianna Ben- 
nett, Brandy Burwinger, Brandy Jones. Front Row: Amy 
Dean, Alisha Hager, Tara Faryna. 

Top Right: Brandy Burwinger and Alisha Hager work 
to block the spike from the other team. 

Right: The volleyball team is working hard to get ready 
for a game. 


Above: Soccer Team (Left to Right): Back Row: 
Paul Pritchard, Chad Price, Andy Dammeyer, 
Josh Roof, Sam Hobbs, John Pasch, Coach 

Moore. Middle Row: Kathleen Reeves, Kevin Gar- 
ita, Hadley Roof, Zen Nile Seifu, Josh Yeager, Jes- 
sica Halswell. Front Row: Jose Oliveira, Mike Deal, 

Mike Tieman, Musse Andemicael, Tedro Andemi- 


Soccer: During the summer veteran players banded to- 
gether and diligently practiced at a local park. After the 
official start of fall sports, the team had only seven play- 
ers and was facing a disappointing season. However, due 
to a few devout players, the Howe Soccer team soon saw 
its numbers soar to seventeen. This has been the largest 
team in the past six years. Unfortunately, the soccer team 
had many problems with player's attitudes. This caused 
unnecessary delay in the coaching efforts of Mr. Moore 
and Paul Pritchard. All things considered, the "93 season 
did have a positive outcome, and next year will undoubt- 
edly see a big improvement! 
Michael Tieman 

Girls Golf: The Senior members of the team this year 
were Mandy Steffey and Amy Whiteman. The Girls Golf 
Team was very small. When watching students enjoy 
themselves, it makes one wonder why more students 
don't participate on the team. 

Left: Josh Roof passes off to Chad Price, hoping he'll 
get it down the field for a goal. 

Right: Mike Deal and opposing team members try their 
hardest to see the net while playing in the dark after the 
assistance of the field lights. 



Above: Lisa Quiett looks on as her golf ball soars through the air. 

Right: Girls Golf Team (Left to Right): Coach Terry Mahler, Lisa Quiett, 
Aimee Zoeller, Amy Whiteman, Captain Mandy Steffey, and Amanda 

Right: Team Captain Mandy Steffey hauls back her golf club, having 
high hopes of a hole-in-one. 

Above: Aimee Zoeller concentrates while waiting to begin her game. 

CiirK C.olf/59 

Boys Tennis 

Below: Boys Tennis Team (Left to Right): Tony Gray, Brandon 
Spratt, Justin Morris, Joe Buergelin, Coach Jamie McFarland. 

Above: Tony Gray deft) slams one right back to his opponent, and 
Justin Morris (right) sets up for a ser\er. 

The Boys Tennis Team this year was so 
small there was no captain. All members 
were co-captains. Everyone improved and 
put a lot of effort into his practice and 
game. Brandon Spratt. in fact, won his 
first match for Howe and was proud of it. 
Tony Gray was the only person able to 
play at IPSAC this year. The coach. Jamie 
McFarland a professional instructor and 
player, was exceptionally good. He 
worked with individuals a great deal, even 
using his own time. The coach did not em- 
phasize constant wins but expected each 
to do the best he could. 

6<>/Boys Tennis 

Below: Ready . . . Set . . . The lady swimmers get ready to splash to victory. 

Below: Jamie Bohannon, Heather Taylor, and Carrie Hubbard watch other team mem- 
bers practicing for their meet. 

Girls Swimming 

Below: Heather Tolin and Coach McNally look over the 
team's new swimming suits. 

The Girls Swimming Team got off to a rough start be- 
cause they were unable to practice at Tech's pool at first 
because of a problem there. One of the major problems of 
the team was its size; it was so small Howe often lost points 
because of having no one to enter in particular events. The 
team needed a diving coach but managed with Jennifer 
McNally trying to serve swimmers and divers. One of the 
highlights for the girls was when they received new uni- 
forms this year. 

Laura McBumie won the 200 and 500 at IPSAC for the 
team. A first in IPSAC and a third in City was awarded to 
Amanda Young in Diving. As a team Howe was first in City 
for the 400 style relay. Laura McBurnie and Heather Tolin, 
captains should be proud of their team. 

Above Left: Jennifer McNally, the girls swimming coach, 
gets thrown into the water by enthusiastic winners of the 

Left: Girls Swimming Team (Left to Right): B.ick Row- 
Coach Jennifer McNally, Cindy Foley, Amanda 'i oung. 
Carrie Hubbard, Trisha Wilson. Front Row : Shannon Hunt- 
er, Heather Taylor, Jamie Bohannon, Laura McBurnie. 

CiuU Su immiiiii.M 

Top Left: Boys Cross Country Team (Left to Right): 
Coach Sean Marcum, Dennis Cook, Jimmy Quarles. 
Johnny Ray. David Allen. George Darden. Coach Martin 

Top Right: Amanda Young is not running away from 
anything; she's running toward success. 

Determination, hard work, perseverance, 
and proper coaching marked 1 993-94" s Cross 
Country Team. This season's team had a \en, 
good year even though they did not place as 
well as they wanted. The teams were much 
smaller than the coaches would have liked. 
but what they did have pleased them. 

Abo\e Left: Johnn\ Ray keeps his pace while practiciiig 

at Ellenberger Park. 

-Above: Girls Cross Country Team (Left to Right): Coach 
Martin Sam. Jenny Perdue. Cassie Weidner. Amanda 
Young. Coach Sean Marcum. 


62/Cross Country 

Below: Golden Gals (Left to Right): Front Row: Laura 
Gary, Leafy Dunnam, Brandy Bowen, Mickelle Goss, 
Nicole Duncan, LaToya Freer, Jackie Claffey, Anne 
Jones. Back Row: Former Howe Student, Mrs. Becky 
Hicks, Kim Watson, Farrah Rooney, Monique Lange, 
Rebekah Meek, Melissa Loveless, Hollie Bays, Tamika 
Smith, Dallene Harpold. 

If anyone has ever attended a Howe game, 
he might have noticed some girls down the 
sideHnes with the players and wondered who 
they were. These ladies are called the Golden 
Gals. At the games, they pass out programs, 
run water, keep stats and score, and clean the 
stadium after the games. 

The Golden Gals leader Dallene Harpold, 
the coach's wife, keeps the girls very busy 
making posters and banners to hang around 
the school to boost school spirit. 

This year captains were Juniors Nicole 
Duncan and Mickelle Goss. The team would 
send a great thanks to the sponsors and the 
football players for a great season. 

«^ Dawn Smith 

Above: Chad Gillum and Golden Gal Brandy Bowen 
show school spirit in the Homecoming Parade. 

Above: The Golden Gals wait on the field for the begin- 
ning of the Homecoming Pep Rally. 

Cn'Uk-n Gais/6.^ 

Boys Basketball 

Top Left: Trying to beat his top score of 26 points in a 
game, Marvin McGregor, with an easy shot, takes it to 
the hole. 

Top Right: Varsity Basketball Team (Left to Right): An- 
tonio Hombeak, Herald Keys, Marvin McGregor, Al- 
fonzo Torrence, Steve Forbes, Brian Williams, Derrick 
Richardson, Mike Mundy, Will Malone, Ricky Whatley. 

Right: Darnell Davis, with the right, goes up for a lay 







The Lady Hornets Basketball Team had a 
very competitive year. Coach Charles Page 
has put in a lot of time and effort into the 
team. Although the record wasn't quite good, 
the team worked very hard and improved 

The team was led by Seniors Danyale 
Buckner, Heather Hopkins, Heather Tolin, 
and Crystal Whitehead which boosted the 
team into a win in the City Tournament. Keep 
your eyes open to see next year's team take 
it all the way to the top. 

Vicki Beck 

Above: Sharanda Carr leaps forward for a two-point bas- 

Right: Reserve Girls Basketball Team (Left to Right): 
Back Row; Carrie McFarland, Tina Comett, Demetria 
Stringer, Alicia Hager, Lindsay Russo, Vicki Beck. 
Front Row: Jennifer Purdue, Shana Relford, Becky 
Hicks. Amanda Young, Tara Baker. 

Above Left: Alisha Hager tries to make an extraordina,'^ 
pass around a Cyclops. 

Above: Danyale Buckner takes a jump shot to score an 
other winning basket. 

66/Girls Basketbaf 

Left: Crystal Whitehead takes a shot for the lead. 
Above: Heather Tolin makes a pass around her oppo- 

CiiU H.iskciball/(i7 

Below: Deanna Quarles, Ebony Miller, Lashonda Hinton, and 
Jennifer Cox (out of view) are very interested in what they are 
saying at the Mat Maid meeting. 

Below: Nicole Duncan looks as though she is 
having a very good conversation. 

Bottom: Mat Maids fLeft to Rightj: Back Row; 
Aimee Zoeller. Brandy Johnson. Cassandra 
Weidner. Kelly Rothwell. Julie Bridges. .Nicole 
Duncan. Mary Koopman. Middle: Tangie Lew is. 
Brandy Bowen. Leafy Dunnam, Jennifer Cox, 
Ebony Miller. Front: Farrah Rooney, Amanda 
Muse. Heather Cathcart. 

Mat Maids 

Two four-year senior wrestlers, Om Desai and Charles 
Anderson, represented Howe this year. Om Desai was 
the only one of the two able to go to the Sectionals be- 
cause Charles had broken his arm. Concerning the wres- 
tler's season, Om who won the Carmel Invitational two 
years in a row stated, "The year was not as we planned, 
but it was okay." 

Juniors Grant McDonald, Antonio Moore, and Scott 
Wessel found a niche in the Sectionals and are promising 
contenders for next year. Scott Wessel won the Sectional 
and went on to the Regionals. 

Wrestlers were constantly encouraged and assisted by 
the ladies of the Mat Maids. Their assistance was quite 
valuable to the team. Ms. Jan Ockoman and Ms. Mary 
Koopman were the girls' new sponsors this year. ,, 

68/,Mat Maids 

^^^H ^ 'H^^^^^^^^^^^^L "^^^^^^^1 

Below: Charles Anderson looks as though he is hav- 
ing a great time warming up at practice. 
Left: Grant McDonald and Om Desai are stretching 
out before they wrestle. 

Top: Wrestling Team (Left to Right): Back: Charlie 
Adams. Scott Wessel. Jose Oliveira. Jason Thomp- 
son, Charles Anderson. Shawn Pation. Keith Ta\ lor. 
Coach Paul Miller. Middle: Patrick Page, Jack Jack- 
son. JclT Wynne, Grant McDonald, l.ancc Muggins. 
Front: Richard Spall. AikIic Jonc. Om Ocsai, l-'rcd 
Schropshirc, Dwain Miles. 

l.ct'l: Antonio Moore takes down his opponcni lor a 


•"'^ ^i*" J^f"'^- '* 



Above: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Back Row: Na- 
tahe Marshall, Amanda Brewster. Front Row: Annie Burford, Ve- 
ronica Eldridge, Melissa Schmidt, and Jennifer Urich. 

Top Right: Cheerleaders march onto the Homecoming field. 

Below: J.V. Cheerleaders "get down" to a dance at the Homecom- 
ing Pep Rally. 

Right: Annie Burford along with other J.V. Cheerleaders shows the 
school and class spirit at the Pep Rally. 

Below Right: The J.V. Cheerleaders march and cheer in the Home- 
coming Pep Rally. 

70/f-ootball Cheerleaders 

This year the Cheerleading squad gained a 
new sponsor, Ms. Lisa McDonald, who was 
a tremendous help to its performance at 
games and especially at Homecoming. As the 
season began off to a good start, they lost the 
captain, Tamika Schmidt. Then the new cap- 
tain was appointed; attitudes got a little hard 
to handle, but as a team they worked out their 

This year's captains of the squads were 
Varsity, Heather Hopkins; Junior Varsity, 
Jennifer Urich; and Freshman, Marie Pratt. 

Outside of cheering, the Cheerleaders en- 
joyed spending social time together which in- 
cluded many fund raisers over the summer 
and going out to dinner. 

The Cheerleaders would like to give a spe- 
cial thanks to Mrs. Sommers for being there 
for all of them. 

Dawn Smith 

Top: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Adriana Ken- 
dall, Misty Dinn, Heather Hopkins, Karen Parker, and 
Lorita Hill. 

Above: J.V. and Varsity Cheerleaders get together for a 
cheer at the Homecoming Pep Rally. 

Right: Freshman Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Trisha 
Doyle, Catherine Gleason, Marie Pratt, Crissy Schroe- 
der, Jessica Poynter. 

looiball ("hoerlcaders/71 

Basketball Cheerleaders/High Steppers 

Below: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): 
Back: Monique Lange, Carrie Street. Center: Karie 
Poynter, Front: Melissa Trotter, Aisha Miles. Jac- 
quelyne Jobe. 

This year's cheerleading squads added a lot of 
cheer and spirit to the basketball games. The cheer- 
leaders have new sponsors this year, Mrs. Donna 
Sommers and Ms. Lisa McDonald. The captains for 
the cheerleading squads were Trisha Doyle for the 
Freshman, Monique Lange for the Junior Varsity, 
and Misty Dinn for the Varsity. The cheerleaders had 
a good year! 
Monique Lange 

High Steppers this year consisted of thirty-six 
girls. Ms. Lisa McDonald, the new sponsor for the 
girls, enjoyed working with the group. Because Ms. 
McDonald felt the girls should work together, the 
group had no captains. The activities of the High 
Steppers included dancing at home basketball games 
and marching with the band in parades. 

Nicole Quarles 

Above Left: The cheerleaders practice while they are 
waiting to get their uniforms. 

Right: Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Back: 
Jamie Boyd, Lorita Hill. Middle: Tashia Guynn, 
Amanda Brewster, Front: Misty Dinn, Adriana Ken- 


-%^ ^ 

Above: Tashia Guynn, Jamie Boyd, and Lorita Hill 
salute the flag for the start of the game. 

Left: Freshman Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Back: 
Trisha Doyle, Jennifer Gimlich, Jessica Brewster. 
Front: Christina Farber, Jacquelinne Walker, Lake- 
sha Degraphenreed. 

Above: High Steppers (Left to Right): Back Row: An- 
gela Masters, Angela Clark, Tara Faryna, Tanisha Ro- 
binson, Jessica Poynter, Latisha Sheppard, Maria Mc- 
Clendon, Katherine Gleason, Christina Sheppard, Tif- 
fany Wright, Jessica Dunn, Melissa Praul. Middle Row: 
Beth Gilpin, Lashawnda Johnson, Cassandra Graves, Ja- 
nelle White, Keonna Bullock, Tracey Quarles, Barbara 
Parks. Front Row: Tabitha Phillips, Elisha Olson, Nicole 
Quarles, Rebecca Pierce, Danielle Davidson, Jennifer 
Weaver, Karen Dunn, Misty Plew, Rebekah Meek, Lau- 
ra McBumie. Not Pictured: Kyana Taylor. 

Above: Tabitha Phillips, here, leads the long, thin 
line of High Steppers who accompany the band 
on Veterans" Day. 

Left: The High Steppers are ready to step high 
' for Howe. 

High Sicppcrs/73 


%i ^xX^ 


Far Left: Annie Dearth recites lines for the Senior Play. 


Below: Carrie Deeter gives advice to her daughter Annie 

Dearth in the Senior Play, "Harvey." 

Above: Ken Burnett, as assistant at the Insane Asylum, 
finds it necessary to check "pooka." 
Right: Laura Keller and Carrie Deeter crowd through the 
doors to the dressing room. 

The Senior-Sponsored play, "Harvey," 
was presented at Howe's Auditorium on No- 
vember 19 and 20 at 7:30 P.M. 

The main characters in this play were El- 
wood played by David Nelson, Vita played 
by Carrie Deeter, Nurse Kelly played by Lau- 
ra Keller, Myrtle (Vita's daughter) played by 
Angle Masters and Annie Dearth. 

Harvey was a big success. There were a lot 
of people who showed up and supported the 
students that were in the play. Hopefully, all 
of the plays in the future will turn out as well 
as this one did. 

Monique Lange 

74/Senior Play 

Above Left: Dave Nelson, Elwood, lead in the 
play, "Harvey," calls a bar to see if Harvey is 

Above Right: Debbie Ingram and Annie Dearth 
listen to Vita's, Carrie Deeter's, experience at the 

Left: Laura Keller, Steve Abner, and Dave Nel- 
son discuss the reasoning of Elwood's sister be- 
ing in the mental hospital. 

Left: The doctor, Aaron Springer, and Vita, 
Carrie Deeter, discuss Elwood's phone call. 
Below: Dave Nelson places on the wall a pic- 
ture of Harvey, done by Mr. Greg Shelton 
and Mr. James Lynch. 

Senior Plav/75 

The Class 

7f>/Hen'i()r Class 

of 1994 

Senior Class/77 

The Class of 1994 

Capps, Mari 

Carson, Edith 

Cary, Laura Chapman. Jason Chatman. Latasha 


Childers, Kari 

Conrad, Kevin 

Deal, Michael 

Dearth, Christine 

Deeter, Carolyn 

Denton, Michael 

Due, Isabelle 

Ducking, Kelly 

Eland, April 

Eldridge, Jerome 

Ellis, Christian 

Engle, Donald 

Evans, Michelle Freeman, Brandy 

Gamett, Terrell 

Gibbs, Christopher Golden, Rebecca 

Gross, Cornell 

Hammond, Jessica Harris, Stephanie 


Nalley, April 

Nelson, Christopher 

Nichols, Donte 

Noe, Dora 

Norris, Angela 

Below: Senior Damon Turner marks long jump with 

Coach Tim Jessup. 

Left: Senior TeLisa Hill gets a good spot in senior class 


Above: Keith Owens looks as though he is having a good 
time playing his instrument. 

Owens, Keith 

Parker, Karen 

Parrish, Jeffrey 

Pierce, Rebecca 

Pietro, Jennifer 

Ping, Jason 

Plew. Brandi 

Did Chris Wilson (Below) hit a homerun? Senior Joanne 
Wright (Right) prepares to be the queen in the musical. 

Schmidt, Tamika 

Is that Michael Jordan (Below) or Senior Keith Owens? 
Looks as if Joanne Wright (Below Right) is about to 

^H ^,^,,ji.*.t»i.~'"&gyw>il>i<IWW>** 

Sims, Jennifer 

Skates, Debra 

Smith, Sabea 


Smith, Shannon 

Steffey, Mandy 

Steiner, Veronica 

Stewart, Corine 

Stinson, Jerry 

Senior Kevin Conrad (Above Left) concentrates on 
his drawings while Dawn Smith (Above Right) finds 
an interesting article. 

Tandy, Letina 

Taylor, Heather 

Thompson, Jason 

Tohn, Heather 

Turner, Damon 

Turner, James 

Tuttle. David 

Below; Senior Class Officers (Left to Right); Back Row; 

Kari Childers, Kelly Ducking, Laura McBumie, Chad 

Marshall, Brandy Plew. Front; Letina Tandy and Tamika Right; Senior Mandy Steffey gets dressed up for the 

Schmidt. play. 

Vaughn, Stephanie Wakelam, Joshua 

Webster, Catherine Whitehead, Crystal 

Whiteman, Amy 

Willis, Taeonna Wilson, Christopher Wilson, Jason 

Wright, Sharon 

Zander, Matthew 


The Class of 1995 

Abner, Stephen 

Adams, Charlie 

Adams, Kenneth 

Adams, Ryan 

Alexander, Summer 

Anderson, April 

Baker, Linda 
Ball, Christina 
Battles, Nicole 

Bays, Hollie 
Bell, Michael 

Bills, Gerald 

Blackwell, Natalie 

Bohannon, Jamie 

Boyd, Tamara 

Brackin, Melissa 

Brewer, Richard 

Bridges, Denvard 

Brown, Curtis 

Bullock, Keonna 

Bundy, Benjamin 

Burford, Robert 

Burnett, Yolanda 

Buster, Kassandra 

Caesar, Jason 
Callicott, Maurice 
Campbell, Christopher 
Carmer, John 
Cames, Darin 
Carrell, Jason 

Carruthers, Shawn 

Clade, April 

Clifton, Raymond 

Cobb, Jomaane 

Cole, James 

Combs, Jennifer 


Combs, Kenneth 
Cooke, Dennis 
Cooper, Keisha 
Cosby, Herbert 
Cox, Eugene 
Dammeyer, Andrew 

Daniels, Sarah 
Davis, Darrell 
Davis, Marion 
Davis, William 
Dearth, Andrea 
Depew, Corey 

Dickey, Damon 
Diffee, Kandy 
Duerson, Luciana 
Duke, Ricky 
Duncan, Nicole 
Dunn, Daniel 

Earls, Turkessa 
Easter, Benji 
Edwards, Nicole 
Eldridge, Veronica 
Ellis, Albert 
Farr, Steve 

Farral, Tanesha 
Featherston, Mike 
Fifer, Macheica 
Franks, Kinshasa 
Frazier, Christina 
Garcia, Enrique 

Gibbs, Kevin 
Gibson, Delvin 
Gilpin, Beth 
Gomez, Amanda 
Goodall, Michael 
Goss, Mickelle 

Graves, Cassandra 
Grimes, Markita 
Guynn, Marshia 
Guynn, Tashia 
Hampton, Angle 
Hampton Keoni 

Harrington. Twannette 
Hart, Shannon 
Har\e\. Ann 
Hatton, Jacob 
Henson, Michelle 
Hicks, Crais; 


Hicks, Rebecca 

Hill, Lorita 

Hill, Theresa 

Hix, Eddie 

Hobbs, Samuel 

HoUenbaugh, Jennifer 

Holloway, Latoya 

Hombeak, Antonio 

Homsby, Jason 

Hunter, Steven 

Hums, Michelle 

Ireland, Jennifer 

Jackson, Paul 

Jiles, Samuel 

Johnson, Amanda 

Johnson, Brandy 

Johnson, Johnie 

Jones, Bradford 

Jones, Jamilia 

Karr, Robin 

Keller, Laura 

Kerr, Kelly 

Keys, Harold 

Knox, Kenneth 

Lake, Donald 2 
Langston, Antonio 
Lashure, Michael 

Lasky, April 

Lewis, Christina 

Locke, Paul 

Above: Junior Ray Clifton works with Jason Thompson and 
James Turner on the technical part of the play, Harvey. 


Loveless, Melissa 
Lynn, Tabitha 
Mabry, Adell 
Mack, Tamela 
Malone, William 
Masters, Angela 

Maxwell, William 
McCain, Robert 
McCloud, Natasha 
McClure, Harriett 
McColley, Robbie 
McCoy, Steve 

McDonald, Grant 
McDonald, Whitney 
McFarland, Carrie 
Mclntyre, Kelly 
Mclntyre, Thurl 
McKinney, Mary 

Above: Junior Whitney McDonald works with the headphones to com- 
municate with the sound booth for the production of Harvey. 

Above: The Junior Class Council (Left to Right): Back Row: Debi Williams. Jennifer Ircl.ind. Joxh 
Roof, Brandon Spratt, Chad Price, Aaron Springer, Hrrol Spears. Front Row: Nicole Puncui. l-li/.i- 
beth Tull, Annie Dearth, Mickelle Goss, Tashia Guynn, Kandy Diffee. 


Nay, Viola 

Osborne, Erik 

Page, Jennifer 

Palmer, Ronald 

Patterson, Marlene 

Patton, Angela 

Patton, Durwood 

Payton, Dena 

Perdue, Jennifer 

Peterson, April 

Pierce, Rebecca 

Piersall, Jennifer 

Pike, Jill 

Poynter, Daniel 

Price, Chad 

Pryuer, Jerry 

Pullins, Kindra 

Quarles, Jimmie 

Quarles, Tracey 
Quartez, Tony 

Rafferty, Trisha 
Raney, Virgil 

Reedus, Jamaal 
Relford, Shana 

Relford, Shannan 

Rhodes, Rachel 

Ripberger, Fredrick 

Robolt, Belinda 

Roof, Joshua 

Rooney, Farrah 

Russo, Lindsay 

Rutledge, Brandi 

Saunders, Charles 

Schmidt, Gregory 

Searsbrook, Jacola 

Sims, Douglas 

Smith, Angle 
Smith, Craig 
Smith, Renee 
Smith, Tamika 
Southgate, John 
Sparks, Erica 

Spratt, Brandon 

Springer, Aaron 

Spurgeon, Tanya 

Spurrier, Chad 

Stamps, Mary 

Staples, Linda 

■a^ « 





Strarks, Watecsia 
Steele, Jeffery 
Stewart, Jeremy 
Stogsdill, Sheila 
Street, Carrie 
Sullivan, Heather 

Surber, Renee 
Sutton, Izell 
Swafford, Weasly 
Taylor, Detra 
Terry, Melissa 
Tetrick, Gina 

Thomas, Chakita 
Thompson, Latosha 
Tingler, Samathia 
Tinsley, Dana 
Trimble, Angela 
Troutman, Rhonda 

Truss, Adrian 
TuU, Elizabeth 
Turner, Deidra 
Turner, Shannon 
Tumipseed, Tara 
Twitty, David 

Vaughn, Corey 
Ward, Dia 
Watson, Kimberly 
Weaver, Jeffery 
Weaver, Jennifer 
Weidner, Cassandra 

Wessel, Scott 
White, Demetrius 
Williams, Brian 
Williams, Debi 
Wilson, Trisha 
Wilson, Turquoise 

Wimberly, Laquisha 
Wimberly, Monique 
Winbum, Shawnay 
Wise, Talonna 
York, Misty 
Young, Keith 


The Class of 1996 

Adams, Charles 

Adcock, Jeremy 

Alexander, Thomas 

Allen, David 

Amos, Katherine 

Andemicael, Tedro 

Archer, Christopher 

Avila, Dezzarae 

Baker, Tara 

Beasley, Bruce 

Beasley, Tina 

Beck, Victoria 

Benjamin, Rosa 

Bennett, Dianne 

Bixler, Gina 

Boiling, Carrie 

Bowen, Brandy 

Boyd, Dennis 

Boyd, Jamie 

Bozarth, Robert 

Branch, Michael 

Brewster, Amanda 

Bridges, Julie 

Broadnax, Charles 

Brown, Christopher 

Brown, Jason 

Brown, Wayne 

Bryk. Sean 

Buckhalter, Jennifer 

Burford. Annie 

Burgess, Christina 

Burnett, Kenneth 

Burnett, Terrineka 

Campbell, Marty 

Canady, Chinna 

Carr, Sharanda 


Childers, Scott 
Childress, Tracy 
Claffey, Jacqueline 
Clanton, Nakita 
Clark, Angela 
Clontz, Adelia 

Cloud, Kristy 
Cole, Nasiru 
Combs, Chester 
Comett, Tina 
Coulson, Christopher 
Cowen, Nicole 

Cox, Jamie 
Craft, Tarrence 
Cross, Ayeselah 
Cross, Jerrie 
Cummings, Nathaniel 
Darden, George 

Davidson, Danielle 
Davis, Darnell 
Dawson, James 
Dean, Amy 
Delay, Khyran 
Depp, Kristina 

Devore, Paulina 
Dewitte, Toni 
Do, Lam 
Dodson, Angela 
Drinkut, Jason 
Dumes, Lamont 

Dunnam, Leafy 
Eastridge, David 
Edmonds, Kina 
Ellenburg, Floyd 
Evans, Kawan 
Ewing, Andrew 

Eytchison, Robert 
Fields, Corey 
Foley, Cynthia 
Franklin, Ladonna 
Garcia, Jeremy 
Garmon, Brian 

Garrard, Maisha 
Garrett, Shalise 
Gilbert. James 
Gold, Deron 
Goldman. Frank 
Grabarczyk. Joy 


Graham, Nathaniel 

Gray, Tony 

Griffin, Kevin 

Gross, Christopher 
Grubb, Ricky 
Hager, Joshua 

Hale, Marlon 

Hall, Jackie 

Hall, Jerry 

Hamby, Jason 

Haney, Wade 

Hankins, Sarah 

Hardy, Shakira 

Harmoning, Jotina 

Harrell, Timothy 

Harris, Anthony 

Harris, Juanita 

Harris, Lakeisha 

Hayes, Jeremy 

Haynes, Dalle 

Helpling, Christina 

Helton, Leonna 

Hendricks, Shawn 

Herald, Selina 

Herring, LaKishia 

Hicks, Ernie 

Hildebrand, Benjamin 

Hill, Donovan 

Hillenburg, Rachel 

Holman, Anthony 

Hoskins, Melissa 

Hotten, Jacob 

Hubbard, Carrie 

Hubbard, Kim 

Huffman, Christopher 

Hunter, Shannon 

Isenberg, Jason 

Jackson, Damon 

Jackson, Jonas 


Jenkins, Jennifer 
Jobe, Jacqueline 
Johnson, Steven 
Johnson, Tawanna 
Jones, Anne 
Jones, Koatie 

Jordan, Johnny 
Keith, Joseph 
Kendall, Roger 
Kilbert, Andre 
Kimball, Misty 
Kirby, Josh 

Kord, Dale 
Kord, Danny 
Kord, Darla 
Lange, Monique 
Lashbrook, Christopher 
Lindsay, Angela 

Lockhart, Reylon 
Lockman, Jennifer 
Loucks, Chrissa 
Love, Dujuan 
Maddox, John 
Marshall, Natalie 

Martinelle, Stephanie 
Masters, Jennifer 
Mathis, Jose 
Mathis, Kajanna 
Matthews, Akeisha 
Mays, Michelle 

Mays, Sylvia 
McAdams, Jenny 
McClure, Richard 

McFarland, Starr 
McKinney, Cherish 
McMillan, Kathryn 

Meek, Rebekah 
Miller. Laura 
Miller. Tesheena 

Above: Sophomore Nicole Quarles (Right) discusses her ideas 
for the yearbook with Dawn Smith. 


Mills, Linda 

Mitchell, Shannon 

Monroe, Christopher 

Moody, Amber 

Moore, David 

Moore, Tyra 

Morphew, David 

Mullinex, Robert 

Mundy, Brian 

Murphy, Tracy 

Nay, Paul 

Nelson, Norman 

Niemann, Jeremy 

Odle, Dusty 

Oliver, Dewayne 

Oliver, Sherry 
Olson, Elisha 

Owens, Michelle 
Pace, Melissa 

Parks, Barbara 
Parrish, Jennifer 

Parry, James 

Pasch, John 

Pass, Ikiam 

Patterson, Matt 

Patton, Angela 

Patton, Shawn 

Payne, Alex 

Perry, Jason 

Peters, Jacob 

Petty, Kathryn 

Phillips, Tabitha 


Phipps, William 
Planalp, Sarah 
Flew, Misty 
Poindexter, Angela 
Pollard, Amirisa 
Powell, Darron 

. Poynter, Karie 
Pratt, Mike 

Praul, Melissa 
Freer, LaToya 

Price, Stephanie 
Quarles, Nicole 
Ragland, Twyla 
Ray, Johnny 
Reed, Chris 
Relford, Shannon 

Reynolds, Shanna 
Richardson, Yaumika 
Roark, Carlissa 
Robertson, Sashah 
Robinson, China 
Robinson, Katrina 

Rogers, Robin 
Rothwell, Kelly 

Ruggles, Natalena 
Rupe, Shawna 

Rutherford, Angela 
Saulsbery, Rene 
Schmidt, Melissa 
Seals, Keir 
Searcy, Miesha 
Searcv. Deranie 


Seeman, Leonard 

Sexton, Michelle 

Shaw, Frank 

Shaw, Monica 

Sheets, Robert 

Smith, Darwin 

Smith, Heather 
Snow, Philecia 
Spurrier, Kristy 
St. Lawrence, Cheryl 
Starr, Kevin 
Steele, Cynthia 

Stewart, Darnell 

Stringer, Demetria 

Stump, Dan 

Sullivan, John 

Summers, David 

Taylor, Keith 

Right; Sophomores Tara Baker 

and Dianna Bennett beg to have 

their pictures taken. 

Middle: In Mrs. Carolyn Free- 
man's math class. Sophomores 
Jackie Claffey and David Moore 
work very hard. 

Far Right: Sophomore Annie 
Burford is determined to win an- 
other match. 

Taylor, Kyana 

Taylor, Shawn 

Taylor, Titus 

Terry, Darrin 

Terry, Sarah 

Thayer, Monica 

Torrence, Alfonzo 

Tran, Phung 

Trotter, Melissa 

Troxail, Melinda 

Tucher, Jason 

Turner, Jennifer 

Unseld, David 

Uptegrove, Patrick 

Urich, Jennifer 

Wallace, Kyle 

Ward, Christine 

Warren, Sanchilla 


Weinke, Amy 
Wells, Rodney 
Welsh, Derrick 
Wesner, Bobbi 
Whatley, Keisha 
Whitaker, Scott 

White, Brandy 
White, Janelle 
White, Janis 
Wiker, Rebecca 
Wilson, Ida 
Winchester, Joe 


The Class of 1997 

Adkins, Jennifer 

Allen, Dustin 

Allen, James 

Allen, Melissa 

Andemicael, Aster 

Anderson, Coleman 

Arnold, Lauren 

Ashby, Darren 

Austin, Kahnata 

Baker, James 

Baker, Janet 

Baker, Larry 

Ballard, Anthony 

Banks, Christopher 

Barberis, Danielle 

Barker, Jeffrey 

Barnes, Randall 

Barnes, Sara 

Bays, Amy 

Bell, Jr., Michael 

Bell, Jessica 

Benjamin, Rosa 

Bergdahl, Lois 

Berry, Leola 

Berwanger, Brandy 

Bible, Michael 

Bingham, Bertie 

Blair, Kimberly 

Bohannon, Chester 

Bow, Angela 

Bowling, Joshua 

Bozarth Jr, Michael 

Brake, Rachel 

Brewster, Jessica 

Brooks, Shyla 

Brown, Carrie 

] WFreshmen 

Brown, Deandre 
Brown, Roy 
Brubeck, Jeremy 
Bruns. Robert 
Buchanan, Christina 
Burgess, Regina 

Burke, Sebrina 
Burnett, Tremaine 
Burrows, Beverly 
Buskirk, James 
Butler, Christy 
Calbert, Benjamin 

Campbell, Christopher 
Canady, Tahia 
Canaday, Terrie 
Carson, Aaron 
Carter, Jimmy 
Cartwright, Jason 

Cassidy, Jason 
Cathcart, Heather 
Cathey, Dameon 
Catuhe, Angelique 
Chestang-Goodner, Nicole 
Childers, Ross 

Chism, Steven 
Clark, Tonya 
Clark, Natasha 
Clayton, Dezmond 
Clontz, Amanda 
Collins, Joseph 

Collins, William 
Cook, Joshua 
Cotton, Melissa 
Cowin, Jeannine 
Cox, Jennifer 
Crabtree, Angela 

Crabtree, Christopher 
Crawford, Ray 
Crockett, Venus 
Cross, Nicole 
Dalton, Star 
Dalton, Venus 

Dawson, Latoya 
Dean. Larry 

Degraphenreed, Lakesha 
Deirth, Richard 
Dicken, John 
Downs, Shanta 


Doyle, Trisha 
Dunn II, Kirk 
Dunn, Daniel 
Dunn, Jessica 
Dunn, Karen 
Eakle, Tara 

Ealy, Jermaine 

Ealy, Thomas 

Edmonds, Damien 

Edwards, Monica 

Edwards, Shunery 

Edwards, Tarrance 

Elsey, Stacy 

Elston, Steve 

Engle, Amanda 

Esparza, Sara 

Eytchison, Kathryn 

Farber, Christine 

Farral, Lee 

Faryna, Tara 

Fleming, Lewis 

Fluker, Dwan 

Foster, Addam 

Foster, Ramon 

Franklin, Shawna 
Frazier, Troy 
Gantz, James 

Garrette, Brandy 

Gearlds, Kurt 

Gebhart, Roger 

Gill, David 

Gimlich, Jennifer 

Gleason, Catherine 

Coins, Samantha 

Goode, Chad 

Grabarczyk, Jason 

Grable, Charmaine 

Green, Jeremy 

Gregory, Jeremy 

Griffin, Michael 

Griffith, Tanya 

Grimes, Eric 

Hager, Alicia 

Hamby, Leanne 

Hamilton, Jeffery 

Haney, Misty 

Hannon, Steven 

Harding, Jason 




Harley, Jamille 
Harmening, Billie 
Harris, Shamlah 
Harvey, Nicole 
Haskins, Lonnie 
Hatton, Jeannetta 

Havvard, Clarence 
Hayes Jr, Larry 
Henderson, Latosha 
Henderson, Shandale 
Hewlett, Dana 
Hiatt, Tonya 

Hiles, Laura 
Hines, Margaret 
Hinton, Lashonda 
Hite, Wanda 
Hobson, Michael 
Holderfield, Holly 

Hollenbaugh, Michael 
Hollins, Mitalia 
Horrall, Darrick 
Hubbard, Angela 
Hucks, Annamarie 
Huddleson, Steven 

Hudson, April 
Huggans, Lance 
Ingram, Mercedes 
Irby, Desional 
Jackson, Charles 
Jackson, Jack 

Jackson, Karen 
Jackson, Yamikki 
Jefferson, Travis 
Johnson, Denetrius 
Johnson, Michael 
Johnson, Susan 

Jones, Andre 
Jones, Brandi 
Jones, James 
Jones, Norris 
Jones, Racquel 
Jones, Troy 

Jones, Willie 
Kandakai, Miatta 
Keglar, David 
Keltner. Robert 
Kiefer. Kristina 
Kina, Andre 


Kirk, William 
Kluth, Melissa 
Lacy, Antonio 

Lafollette, Tina 

Lake, Jennifer 

Lamar, Coynette 

Lange, Allen 

Lanning, Angela 

Lawrence, Samantha 

Layton, Sean 

Le, Line 

Ledgerwood, David 

Ledgerwood, Douglas 

Lee, Jason 

Leeper, Brittney 

^Lewis, Angel 

Lewis, Antonio 

Light, Joshua 

Lippard, Rebecca 

Listen, Veronica 

Litteral, Patrick 

Locander, Louis 

Lott, Dante 

Lucas, Krista 

Lucas, Kristine 

Luther, Teresa 

Lyons, Michael 

Maddox, Elizabeth 

Maddox, Tracy 

Manners, Matthew 

Above: Freshman Tonya Hiatt is concentrating very hard to get 
her work done. 




HF^ ^^^Kr 




fc^ --r- ^ 



Manuel, Tier 
Markle, Jacob 
Marshall, Fred 
Mason, Eric 
Mason, Nikki 
Matrau, Crystal 

Mays, Michelle 
McCabe, Melinda 
McCart, Laura 
McClain, Angela 
McClendon, Maria 
McCord, Scott 

McGraw, Ronald 
McNeely, Daniel 
McNeil, Kendra 
Meadows, Brandi 
Meek, Zachery 
Merrifield, Patricia 

Mielke, Shawn 
Miles, Dwain 
Miller, Ebony 
Miller, Joy 
Mitchell, Kurt 
Monroe, Michael 

Morales, Hope 
Mundy, Christopher 
Muse, Amanda 
Neighbors, Misty 
Nichols, Anthony 
Nichols, William 

Above; Freshmen Ricco Shocklay is checking what needs to be done. 

Above: Freshmen Brandy Berwinger and Rachel Brick work together on assignments. 

Freshmen/ lO.S 

Niemann, Carla 
North, Thomas 

O' Conner, Ian 
Oatts, Tamaris 
Ogier, Rebecca 

Oliver, Ernest 

Ollanketo, John 

Ollanketo, Michael 

Owens, Paula 

Owens, Vanessa 

Page, Patrick 

Parker, John 

Parkhurst, Larry 
Parks, Amanda 

Parran, Kenneth 

Partlow, Karl 

Pastrick, Jarrod 

Peavler, Bradley 

Perkins, Kadar 

Petty, Gerald 

Phelps, Quinn 

Pietro, Jennifer 

Pike, Michelle 

Pinkins, Lasandra 

Piper, Jackilla 

Pittman, Kyandra 

Pollard, Heather 

Porter, Keonna 

Posey, Kevin Allen 

Powell, Kianna 

Power, Jennifer 

Poynter, Jessica 

Pratt, Janette 

Praul, Crystal 

Price, Jason 

Pridemore, Bobby 

Pruitt, Latasha 

Pryor, Cecil 

Quarles, Deanna 

Quiett, Lisa 

Radford, Toya 

Raines, Michael 

Rains, Jeremy 

Ralston, Amber 

Ramsey, Katy 

Randle, Quiana 

Rangel, Raymond 

Reader, Stacey 

1 (Xj/Freshmen 

Reeves, Kathleen 
Retz, David 
Richard, Maryann 
Ridner, Teresa 
Riskka, Code 
Robertson, WiUiam 

Robinson, Tanisha 
Roof, Hadley 
Ruggles, Barbara 
Rybolt Jr., Richard 
Sams, Wayne 
Saunders, Terrell 

Scott, Nichole 
Scott, Timothy 
Searcey, Keon 
Seifu, Zen Nile 
Selman, Martin 
Shalmann, Erica 

Sheppard, Christina 
Shockley, Ricco 
Short, Reggie 
Shropshire, Fredrick 
Simmons, Anthony 
Simpson, James 

Sizemore, Bemita 
Skaggs II, Alvin 
Skolburg, Robert 
Smith, Kendria 
Smith, Benjamin 
Smith, Tiona 

Spall, Richard 
Spears, Aimee 
Spells, Monica 
Spicer, Tina 
Stafford, Deanna 
Stafford, Ronnie 

Staples, Crystal 
Stewart, Aaron 
Stewart, Ella 
Stewart, Latosha 
Stiles. Crystal 
Stojcevich, Mike 

Stone. Thomas 
Stringer. Demetria 
Strode. Holly 
Sullivan. Jennifer 
Sutton. Angela 
Swan. Erin 



Tandy, Felicia 

Taylor, Damon 

Thompkins, Damon 

Tillman, La Keisha 

Tompkins, Jeremiah 

Trotter, Mike 

Above Right: Freshmen Angel Schultz is consulting with 
a classmate about their assignment. 
Right: Seems that Freshmen Coleman Anderson is either 
hurt or about to drop. 


Watkins, Christopher 
Watkins, Shawn 
Watson, Charlie 

Wayes, Larry 
Welch, Destinny 
Westerfield, Todd 

Fourth Row: 
Witt, Tenika 
Wings, Tasheka 
Woodard, Quincy 
Wooden, Lorirell 
Woolery, Mindy 

Wilcher, Jeremiah 
Williams, Janelle 
Williams, Krystal 
Williams, Padro 
Wilson, Miayva 
Wimberly III, Floyd 

Fifth Row: 
Wynn, Kevin 
Yanasak, Rose 
Yeager, Joshua 
Young, Eric 
Young, Wanique 


Madora Walker 

Bea Adams 

Patricia Aman 

Mark Andrews 
Mattie Ballow 
Mary Bancroft 

Deborah Bareford 

Douglas Bateman 

Dean Batman 

John Beswick 
Tamika Black 
Ann Boynton 
Deanna Byrd 
Therese Calhan 
Mary Carter 

Julia Chestnut 

Mary Dewitz 

Martha Diggle 

John DiVincenzo 

V. Ellur 

Curt Ervin 

Carolyn Freeman 

Art Gonzalez 

Phillip Greenwood 

Maurice Grooms 

Irvin Haas 

Richard Harpold 

Edward Hasse 

Shirley Hembd 

Michael Hepler 

Denis Hines 

Robert Muggins 

Barbara Jones 

Gloria Jones 

Evelyn Keaton 

Charles Kendall 

Mary Koopman 

Jo Anna Leffler 

Tom Lewis 


Cynthia Lucas 
Jim Lynch 
Lisa Mc Donald 
Charles Mc Ginley 
Jennifer Mc Nally 
Linda Milbum 

Faculty and Stajf 

David Miller 
Arnold Nelson 
John Norfleet 
Debbie Norton 
Jan Ockomon 
Sandra Petty 

Carroll Runnble 

Jatinder Singh 
John Skene 
Shirley Smith 
Robert Spaulding 
Shirley Stephens 

Donna Sutton 
Steve Taflinger 
Phyllis Thomas 

James Thompson 
Stella Vandivier 
Joe Vespo 

Josephine Watford 
Lynn Whittemore 
John Wiggins 

7"^^ Above; Teachers Mrs. Martha Diggle and Mrs. Jo Anna Leffer 
''^* and Counselors Mr. Bumel Coulon and Mr. Carroll Rumble fill 
up on breakfast before a long working day with students. 


Michael Bryant 

Mary Carter 

Marian Gilbert 

James Komann 

Bruce Moss 

Barry Patrick 

David Smartz 

Randy Wemple 

Keith White 

Lance Willdermood 

Mary Wills 

Arretia Young 

Philip Zurawski 

Right: LTC Lance Willdermood prepares for the year- 
end annual inspection. 

Leslie Bartolowits 

Treva Carroll 

Warren Dressier 

Patricia Friedly 

Greg Shelton 
Bettie Webb 

Right: Miss Mary Koopman is a part of the Tech Prep 
Program to assist individually. 


James Yarber 
Larry Brown 
William Buckley 
Bumel Coulon 

Dale Dinkens 
Ron Finkbiner 
Joan George 
Frank Loll 

Robert Malone 
Penelope McNeish 
Sandra Petty 
Nancy Ratner 

Thomas Renie 
Errol Spears 
Dan Stanley 
David Stewart 

Charles Walter 
Roxy Watson 
Betty Woods 
Janet Woods 

Faculty/ 1 13 



This year's yearbook staff members had difficulties 
finding out what was happening through the year with 
activities, sports, groups, and students at Howe. One 
thing that made the work so much more difficult was 
that only one or two members of the staff had ever 
worked on the book before. 

Some of the tasks of the staff were writing captions 
and copy, typing copy, making layouts, and cropping 
pictures as well as taking pictures and being in charge 
of those taken by Prestige. This year's HILLTOPPER 
contains its first completely computerized layout and 
copy. Assisting with accomplishing the tasks for the 
yearbook, Natalie Mertz and Brandy Freeman served as 
this year's editors. 

In spite of all the obstacles, the staff succeeded in 
finishing the book and making it ready for Howe stu- 

Top: Karie Poynter, Heidi Wurster, Vicki Beck, and 
Dawn Smith discuss how they want the title page of the 

Left: Tracey Quarles and Dawn Smith work hard on 
"mug shots" to get the yearbook finished. 

Right: Vicki Beck works at identifying students for the 
yearbook pictures. 


Above: Deanna Quarles and Kelly Ducking organize pictures for the 
booi< while Letina Tandy stops in to ask Venita Huddleston about ID 

Right: Natalie Mertz types the index for the yearbook. Before this, 
ihe also struggled with computer layouts for the book. 

Hilltoppcr/l I.S 

Above: Brad Jones, John Carmer, and Jason Caesar 
show their school spirit by dressing up for Halloween 
this year. 

Right: Amy Whiteman registers Robbie Burford for the 
Mock election. 











Above; Staff and students raise their signs and cheer 
against the closing of Howe. 

Right: Making the school proud, Howe's ROTC stands 
ready to march in the Veterans' Day Parade downtown. 

1 16/C)osing 

Closing: Yesterday 's Wishes/Tomorrow 's Dreams 


Above: One of Ms. Madora Walker's important jobs as 
new principal to Howe was to plan strategies not to let 
the school get closed down. Here, she discusses these 
with Mr. Ron Finkbiner. 

Starting off as a freshman 

isn't easy, 

accidentally dropping your tray, 

being shoved into lockers, 

and most of all, 

being made fun of by upper classmen. 
Then, finally, you're a sophomore, 

just a step above freshman, 

but not as high as a junior. 
As your sophomore year passes, 

before you know it, you're a junior — 

junior year, finally considered 

an upper classman. 
As time passes on, it's almost 

the end of the year. 
Finally, at last, 

you're a SENIOR!! — finally at the top. 
As you remember the last 

football game, 

your last final exam, 

prom night, such a wonderful night, 

never to be forgotten — 
As you remember all four years, 

it is time to say good-bye. 
As graduation approaches, 

your laughs through the years, 

turn to tears. 
When you get your diploma, you say good-bye 

to your beloved school of brown and gold. 
You now look forward 

and wait to see tomorrow. 

Kari Childers 

Left: Lindsay Russo works over a speech to be given to 
the School Board to try and save Howe from closing. 
Many others also put forth much effort for this cause. In 
the final hour, Howe was to be kept open next year. 

Below: Mrs. Mary DeWitz smiles happily over her sur- 
prise birthday cake. How many more at Howe? 




Abner, Stephen 42,75,86 
Adams, Bea 110 
Adams, Charlie 

Adams, Ryan 11,26,86 
Adkins, Jennifer 100 
Alexander, Summer 86 
Alexander, Thomas 92 
Allen, David 62, 64, 92 
Akins, Michelle 39, 78 
Allen, Dustin 100 
Allen, MeUissa 100 
Aman, Patricia 45 
Amos, Kanisha 78 
Amos, Katherine 92,97 
Andemichael, Aster 100 
Anderson, Charles 
Anderson, Christopher 
Anderson, Coleman 

Archer, Christopher 

Arnold, Lauren 100 
Ashby, Darren 100 
Austin, Kahnata 100 
Avila, Dezzarae 92 


Baker, James 100 
Baker, Janet 100 
Baker, Tara 
Ball, Christina 26,82 
Ballard, Anthony 100 
Ballow, MaUie 110 
Bancroft, Mary 13,110 
Banks, Christopher 100 
Baranand, Iker 78 
Barberis, Danielle 100 
Bareford, Deborah 110 
Barker, Jeffery 100 
Barnes, Randall 100 

Barnes, Sara 100 
Bartolowitz, Leslie 112 
Bateman, Douglas 110 
Batman, Dean 110 
Bays, Amy 100 
Bays, Hollie 
Beasley, Bruce 92 
Beasley, Tina 92 
Beck, Bruce 110,113 
Beck, Matthew 49 
Beck, Vicki 
Beem, Rachel 
Bell, Jessica 26,42,100 
Bell, Micheal 
Benjamin, Rosa 92,100 
Bennett, Amy 13,78 
Bennett, Dianna 
Bergdahl, Lois 100 
Berry, Leola 100 
Berry, Robert 
Berwanger, Brandy 

Beswick, John 110 
Bible, Michael 100 
Bingham, Bertie 100 
Bixler, Gina 6,27,92 
Blackwell, Natalie 38,86 
Blair, Kimberly 100 
Bohannon, Chester 17 
Bohannon, Jamie 
BoUing, Carrie 92 
Bowen, Brandy 
Bowling, Michael 
Box, Angela 100 
Boyd, Dennis 
Boyd, Jamie 
Boyd, Tamara 86 
Boynton, Ann 110 
Brackin, Melissa 8 
Brake, Rachel 57,100 
Bratt, Dennis 4,41,27,29 
Brewer, Richard 25 
Brewster, Jessica 73 
Brewster, Amanda 72 
Bridges, Tyus 14 

Bridges, Julie 
Broadnax, Charels 92 
Brown, Carrie 100 
Brown, Champale 78 
Brown, Christopher 92 
Brown, Curtis 86 
Brown, Deandre 101 
Brown, James 38,48,78 
Brown, Larry 113 
Brown, Wayne 27,55,92 
Brubeck, Jeremy 101 
Bryant, Kimberly 78 
Bryant, Michael 11,25 
Buchannon, Christina 

Buckhalter, Jennifer 92 
Buckley, William 

Buckner, Danyale 66,67 
Buergelin, Joseph 60 
Bullock, Keonna 73,86 
Bundy, Benjamin 71,86 
Burder, Christy 26 
Burford, Annie 
Burford, Robert 17 
Burgess, Regina 101 
Burgess,Christina 26,92 
Buike, Sebrina 101 
Burks, Cristy 9 
Burnett, Terrineka 92 
Burnett, Tremaine 101 
Burnett, Yolanda 86 

BuiTOws, Beverly 101 
Burton, Robert 101 
Buskirk, James 39,101 
Buster, Kassandra 86 
BuUer, Christy 39,101 
Byrd, Jessica 27 
Byrd, Deanna 110 


Caesar, Jason 86 
Calbert, Benjamin 101 
Caldwell, Keith 13 
Calhan, Theresa 16,110 
Callicott,Maurice 86 
Campbell, Christopher 


Campbell, Marty 92 
Canady, Chinna 92 
Canady, Rickey 2538 
Capps,Mari 38,78 
Carmer, John 86 
Cames, Darin 50,86 
Carr, Sharanda 
Carrell, Jason 86 
CarroU,Treva 25,112 
Carruthers, Shawn 86 
Carson, Edith 23,25,78 
Carter, Jamica 54 
Carter, MaryM 10, 112 
Cartwright, Jason 101 
Cary, Laura 22,63,78 
Cassidy, Jason 101 
Cathcart, Heather 68,101 
Cathey, Dameon 101 
Catume, Angelique 101 
Chapman, Jason 
Chatman, Latasha 25,78 
Chesmut, Julia 6,10 
Chestang, Goodner 181 
Childers, Kari 
ChUders, Ross 54,101 
Childers, Scott 
Childress, Tracye 93 
Chism, Steven 54 
Clade, April 86 
Claffey, Jacqueline 

Clanton,Nakita 13,93 
Clark, Angela 73,93 
Clark, Tonya 39 
Clifton, Raymond 
Cline, Shawn 49 
Clontz, Adelia 93 
Clontz, Amanda 8,101 
Cloud, Kristy 93 
Cobb, Jamaane 86 
Cole, James 13,86 
Cole, Nasiru 93 
Collins, Jopseph 101 
Collins, WilUam 8,101 
Combs, Chester 55.93 
Combs, Jennifer 7,86 
Combs, Kenneth 53,86 
Condon, Michael 7 

Conrad, Kevin 25,26,39 
Cook, Joshua 101 
Cocke, Dennis 62,78,87 
Coc^r, Keisha 9,87 
Comett, Tina 39,66,93 
Cosby, Herburt 87 
Cotton, Melissa 23,101 
Coulon,Bumel 110,113 
Coulson, Christopher 93 
Co win, Jeannine 101 
Cowin, Kenneth 
Cowin, Nicole 93 
Cox, Eugene 87 
Cox, Jammie 93 
Cox, Jennifer 68,101 
Crabtree, Angela 101 
Crabtree, Christopher 

Craft, Tarrence 21,93 
Crawford, Ray 101 
Crockett, Venus 101 
Cross, Ayeselah 93 
Cross, Jerrie 93 
Cross, Nicole 101 
Cununings, Nathaniel 93 


Dalton, Star 101 

Dalton, Venus 101 

DammeyCT, Andrew 


Daniels, Sarah 


Darden, George 62,64,93 

Davidson, April 13 

Davidson, Danielle 


Davis, Darrell 55, 65, 


Davis, David 25,55,87 

Davis, Marion 87 

Davis, William 11,87 

Dawson Jr, James 93 

Dawson, Latoya 101 

Deal, Michael 39,58,79 

Dealy, Khyran 93 

Dean, Amy 1238,57,93 

Dean, Larry 101 

Dean, Latasha 



Dearth, Andrea 
Dearth, Richard 8 
Deeter, Carolyn 
Degraphenreed, Lakesha 

Deirth, Richard 101 
Denton, Michael 79 
Depew, Cwey 87 
Depp, Kristina 16,93 
Desai, Om 69 
Devore, Paulina 
Dewitte, Toni 93 
DeWitz, Mary 110 
Dickens, John 54,101 
Dickey, Damon 87 
Diffee.Kandy 28,87,89 
Diggle, Martha 18,110 
Dinkens, Dale4,113 
Dinn, Misty 72 
Divincenzo, John 110 
Do, Urn 48,55,93 
Dodson, Angela 93 
Downs, Shanta 101 
Doyle, Trisha 
Dressier, Warren 19,112 
Drikent, Jason 93 
Due, Isabelle 79 
Ducking, Kelly 73,115 
Duerson, Luciana 38,87 
Duke, Ricky 87 
Dumes, Lament 93 
Duncan, Nicole 
Dunn, Daniel 87,102 
Dunn, Jessica 73,102 
Dunn, Karen 39,73 
Dunn, Kirk 102 
Dunn, Misty 24,25,29,71 
Dunnan,Uafy 63,68,93 


Eastridge, David 93 
Edmonds, Damien 102 
Edmonds, Kina 93 
Edwards, Monica 102 
Edwards, Nicole 87 
Edwards, Phyllis 
Edwards, Robert 71 
Edwards, Shunery 102 
Edwards, Tarrancel02 
Eland, April 79 
Eland, William 
Eldridge, Jerome 79 
Eldridge, Veronica 
EUenburg, Floyd 93 
Ellis, Albert 87 
Ellis, Christian 22,25,79 
Ellur,V. 110 
Elsey, Stacy 39 
Engle, Amanda 102 
Engle, Donald 25,79 
Ervin, Curt 110 
Esparza, Sara 102 
Evans, Kawam 93 
Evans, Michelle 25,79 
Ewing, Andrew 93 
Eytchison, Kathryn 102 
Eytchison, Robert 93 


Edwards, Monica 38 
Eakle, Tara 102 
Ealy, Thomas 102 
Earls, Turkessa 87 
Easter, Benji 87 

Fanroy, Tara 73 
Farber, Christina 
Farr, Steve 22,87 
Farral, Lee 102 
Farral, Tanesha 87 
Faryna, Tara 57,102 
Featherston, Mike 87 
Fields, Corey 29,93 
Fifer, MaCheica 87 
Finkbiner, Ron 55,113 
Fleming, Lewis 102 
Fluker, Dwan 102 
Foley, Cynthia 
Forbes, Steve 64 
Foster, Addam 102 
Foster, Ramon 102 
Franklin, Ladonna 93 
Franklin, Shawna 102 

Franks, Kinshasa 87 
Frazier, Christina 87 
Frazier, Troy 102 
Freeman, Brandy 
Freeman, Carolyn 
Friedly, Patricia 112 


Gantz, James 102 
Garcia, Jeremy Lee 93 
Garica, Enrique 87 
Garita, Kevin 58 
Garmon, Brian 93 
Gamett, Terrell 79 
Garrard, Maisha 16,93 
Garrett, Shalise 93 
Garrette, Brandy 102 
Gaton, Mike 32,93 
Gearlds, Kurt 102 
Gebhart, Roger 102 
George, Jody 113 
Gibbs, Christopher 79 
Gibbs, Kevin 87 
Gibson, Delvin 87 
Gilbert, James 93 
Gilbert, Marion 112 
Gill, Gary 52,53 
Gillum, Chad 63 
Gilpin, Beth 28,73,87 
Gimlich, Jennifer 73,102 
Gleason, Catherine 8,73 
Coins, Samantha 102 
Gold, Deron 93 
Golden, Rebecca 4 1 ,79 
Goldman, Frank 93 
Gomez, Amanda 58,87 
Gonzales, Art 19,110 
Goodall, Michael 17,87 
Goss, Mickelle 
Grabarczyk, Jason 102 
Grable, Charmaine 102 
Graham, Nathaniel 94 
Graves, Cassandra 73,87 
Gray, Antonio 60,64,94 
Green, Jeremy 102 
Greenwood, Phillip 1 10 
Gregory, Jeremy 

Griffin, Kevin 55,94 
Griffin, Micheal 8,102 
Griffith, Kevin 65 
Griffith, Tanya 102 
Grimes, Eric 40,102 
Grimes, Markita 87 
Grooms, Maurice 110 
Gross, Christopher 50,94 
Gross, Cornell 79 
Grubb, Richard 55,94 
Guynn, Marshia 87 
Guynn, Tashia 


Haas, Irvin 19,110 
Hager, Alicia 
Hager, Joshua 94 
HaU, Jackie 94 
Halswell, Jessica 58 
Hamby, Leanne 102 
Hamby, William 23 
Hamilton, Jeffery 54,102 
Hammond, Jessica 9,24 
Hampton, Angle 87 
Hampton, Keoni 87 
Haney, Misty 102 
Hankins, Sarah 94 
Hannon, Steven 102 
Harding, Jason 102 
Hardy, Shakira 94 
Harmening, Billie 103 
Harmoning, Johina 94 
Harpold, Dallene 63 
Harpold, Richard 

Harrell, Timothy 94 
Harrington, Twannette 

Harris, Anthony 94 
Harris, Jonathan 25 
Harris, Juanita 94 
Harris, Shamlah 103 
Harris, Stephanie 
Hart, Shannon 87 
Harvey, Amy 87 
Harvey, Nicole 103 
Haskins, Melissa 14 

Hasse, Edward 110 
Hatton, Jacob 87 
Hatton, Jeannette 103 
Haward, Qarence 103 
Hawkins, Brian 56 
Hayes, Jeremy 94 
Hayes, Larry 103 
Haynes, Dalle 94 
Helpling, Christina 38,94 
Helton, Leonna 38,57,94 
Hembd, Shirley 110 
Henderson, Latasha 103 
Hendricks, Shawn 94 
Henson, Michelle 87 
Hepler, Michael 
Herald, Selina 9 
Herring, Lakishia 94 
Hewlett, Dana 103 
Hiatt, Tonya 103,104 
Hicks, Craig 87 
Hicks, Ernest 94 
Hicks, Rebecca, 
Hildebrand, Benjamin 

Hiles, Laura 103 
HiU, Donovan 55,94 
Hill, Lorita 
HiU, TeUsa 24,25 
Hill, Theresa 80,88 
Hines, Margaret 103 
Hinton, Lashcmda 68,103 
Hite, Wanda 103 
Hobbs, Samuel 
Hobson, Michael 54,103 
Holderfield, HoUy 103 
Holifield, Michael 103 
Hollenbaugh, Jennifer 
Hollenbaugh, Michael 

HoUins, Mitalia 103 
HoUoway, Latoria 80,88 
Hopkins, Heather 
Hombeak, Antonio 64 
Horrall, Darrick 13,55 
Hubbard, Angela 103 
Hubbard, Carrie 
Hucks, Annamarie 

Index/ 1 1 1) 


Huddleson, Steven 103 

Huddleson, Venita 115 

Hudson, April 103 

Huggins, Lance 69,103 

Huggins, Robert 110 

Hunter, Shannon 


Hums, Michelle 88 


Ingram, Deborah 

Ingram, Mercedes 103 
Irby,Desional 54,103 
Irby, James 25,80 
Ireland, Jennifer 
Isenberg, Jason 39 


Jackson, Charles 103 
Jackson, Damon 94 
Jackson, Jack 54,69,103 
Jackson, Karen 103 
Jackson, Lisa 25 
Jackson, Paul 88 
Jackson, Yamikki 103 
Jarrett, Ralph 17 
Jefferson, Travis 103 
Jenkins, Sandra 25,80 
Jiles, Samual 88 
Jobe, Jacquelyne 72 
Johnson, Amanda 88 
Johnson, Brandy 

Johnson, Denetrius 103 
Johnson, Johnie 38,88 
Johnson, Lashawanda 73 
Johnson, Michael 103 
Johnson, Tawanna 95 
Jones, Andre 69,103 
Jones, Anne 38,63 
Jones, Barbara 110 
Jones, Bradford 4,88 
Jones, Brandi 55,57,103 

Jones, Gloria 110 
Jones, James 103 
Jones, Jamila 88 
Jones, Koattie 95 
Jones, Norris 103 
Jones, Racquel 103 
Jones, Troy 103 
Jones, WUlie 103 
Jordan, Johnny 95 


Kandakai, Miatta 103 
Karr, Robin 88 
Keaton, Evelyn 25,110 
Keglar, David 39,103 
Keith, Joseph 39,95 
Keller, Laura 75 
Keltner, Robert 103 
Kendall, Adriana 

Kendall, Aundrea 25 
Kendall, Charles 80,110 
KendaU, Roger 94 
Kerr.KeUy 39,88 
Keys, Harold 64,88 
Kiefer, Kristina 103 
Kilbeit, Andre 94 
Kimball, Misty 94 
King, Andre 103 
Kinney, Allison 13,80 
Kirby.Josh 95 
Kirk, Lashawn 
Kirk, Shawn 80 
Kirk, William 104 
Kluth, Melissa 104 
Knox, Kenneth 88 
Koman, James 112 
Koopman, Mary 68, 
Kord,Dale 12,29,44 
Kord, Danny 
Kord, Darla 94 


Lacy, Antonio 104 

Lafollette, Tina 104 
Lake, Donald 88 
Lake, Jennifer 38,56,104 
Lamar, Coynette 104 
Lange, Allen 104 
Lange, Monique 
Langston, Antonio 88 
Lanning, Angela 104 
Lashure, Micheal 88 
Laskey, April 88 
Lawrence, Samantha 104 
Lay ton, Sean 104 
Le, Line 104 
Ledgerwood, David 104 
Ledserwood, Douglas 

Lee, Jason 104 
Leeper, Brittney 104 
Leffler, Joanna 19,110 
Lewis, Angel 104 
Lewis, Antonio 104 
Lewis, Tangie 68 
Lewis, Thomas 

Light, Joshua 21,104 
Lindsey, Angela 16,95 
Lippard, Rebecca 104 
Liston, Veronica 104 
Litteral, Kimberly 25 
Litteral, Patrick 54,104 
Locander, Louis 54,104 
Lockhart, Reylon 94 
Lockman, Jennifer 94 
Loll, Frank 113 
Lott, Dante 104 
Loucks, Chrissa 94 
Loveless, Melissa 
Lucas, Cynthia 111 
Lucas, Krista 104 
Lucas, Kristine 104 
Luther, Teresa 104 
Lynch, James 11,75 
Lynn,Tabitha 89 
Lyons, Luther 104 
Lyons, Randy 48 


Mabry.Adell 89 

Mack,Tamela 89 
Maddox, Elizabeth 104 
Maddox, Tracy 104 
MahlCT, Terry 51 
Malone, David 48 
Malone, Robert 113 
Malone, William 
Manners, Matthew 104 
Manuel, Tier 105 
Marcum, Sean 26 
Markle, Jacob 105 
Marks, Kenneth 25 
Marshall, Chad 25,26 
Marshall, Fred 105 
Marshall, Joseph 39,80 
Marshall, Natalie 

Martin, Tommy 80,91 
Martinelle, Stephanie 
Mason, Eric 105 
Mason, Nikki 105 
Masters, Angela 

Masters, Jennifer 12,95 
Matheus, Akeisha 94 
Mathis, Dashonna 81 
Mathis, David 22,42,46 
Mathis, Kajanna 95 
Matrau, Crystal 57,105 
Maxwell, Cheryl 25 
Maxwell, WiUiam 81,89 
Mays, Michele 95,105 
Mays, Sylvia 95 
McAdams, Jenny 95 
McBumie, Laura 
McCabe, MeUnda 105 
McCart, Laura 105 
McQain, Angela 105 
McClendon, Maria 

McClure, Jamie 26 
McCoUey, Robbie 65,89 
McCord, Scott 105 
McDonald, Grant 25, 
McDonald, Lisa 72 
McDonald, Whintey 

McFarland, Carrie 
McFarland, Jamie 60 

McFarland, Starr 38.95 
McGinley, Charles 114 
McGraw, RonaW 54.105 
McGregor, Marvin 64 
Mclntyre, Thurl 89 
McKinney. Cherish 

McMillian, Katheryn 95 
McNally, Jennifer 51,61 
McNeely, Daniel 105 
McNeil, Kendra 105 
McNeish, Penny 14,113 
Meadows, Brandi 105 
Meek, Rebdcah 
Meek, Zachary 54 
Mertz. Natalie 
Mielke. Shawn 105 
Milbum. Linda 25.1 10 
Miles, Aisha 72 
Miles, Dwain 69,105 
MiUCT, David 110 
Miller, Ebony 68,105 
Miller, Joy 105 
MillCT, Laura 95 
Miller, Paul 69,54 
Miller. Tesheaia 95 
MiUs, Linda 96 
Mims. Keycma 89 
Minion, Mario 89 
MitcheU. Donald 89 
MitcheU. Kurt 54,105 
MitcheU, Schlanda 89 
MitcheU, Scott 28,81 
MitcheU. Shannon 96 
Moenius. David 

Monroe. Christopher 96 
Moody, AmbCT 96 
Moon. Donald 89 
Moore. Antonio 69.89 
Moore. BiU 58 
Moore. David 96,98 
Moore, Tyra 96 
Morales, Hope 105 
Morelock. Crystal,67.89 
Morey, Joshua 55.89 
Morgan, Teresa 89 
MOTgan, Tom 50 
Morphew, David 96 
Morris, Justin,60.89 


Moss, Bruce 112 
Motley, Nancy 
MuUinex, Robert 38,96 
Mumford, Christina 89 
Mundy, Brian 96 
Mundy, Christopher 105 
Mundy, Mike 
Murphy, Tracy 18,96 
Muse, Amanda 68,105 
Muse, Lenise 8,13 


Nalley, April 25,81 
Nay, Paul Anthony 96 
Nay, Viola 90 
Neighbors, Misty 38,105 
Nelson, Arnold 111 
Nelson, Christopher 

Nelson, David 
Nelson, Norman 96 
Nichols, Anthony 105 
Nichols, Donte 48,81,96 
Nichols, William 

Niemann, Carla 28,106 
Niemann, Jeremy 27,96 
Noe, Dora 
Norfleet, Johnny 111 
Norris, Angela 81 
Norton, Debra 111 


Oatts, Tamaris 106 
Ockomon, Jan 111 
Odle, Dustin 96 
Ogier, Rebecca 106 
Oliver, Dewayne 96 
Oliver, Ernest 106 
Oliver, Sherry 96 
Olivera, Jose 58,69,82 
Ollanketo, John 38,106 
OUanketo, Michael 

Olson, EUsha 73,96 
Olson, Ryan 15,82 
Osborne, Eric 90 
Owens, Keith 
Owens, Michelle 96 
Owens, Paula 106 
Owens, Vanessa 106 


Pace, Melissa 96 
Page, Charles 29,55,66 
Page, Jennifer 90 
Page, Patrick 54,69,106 
Palmer, Ronald 11,90 
Parker, John 106 
Parker, Karen 
Parker, Nicole 22 
Parkhurst, Larry 106 
Parks, Amanda 106 
Parks, Barbara 

Parran, Kenneth 7,106 
Parrish, Jeffery 22,25,82 
Parrish, Jennifer 96 
Parry, James 96 
Partlow, Karl 106 
Pasch, John 27,58,96 
Pass, Ikiam 96 
Pastrick, Jarrod 106 
Patrick, Barry 112 
Patterson, Marlene 90 
Patterson, Matthew 

Patterson, Michael 8 
Patton, Angela 90,96 
Patton, Dorwood 90 
Patton, Shawn 69,96 
Payne, Alex 96 
Payton Denael 90 
Perdue, Jennifer 
Perry, James 27,96 
Perry, Jason 96 
Perry, Jimmy 41 
Peters, Jacob 16,39,96 
Peters, Jason 33 
Peterson, April 90 
Petty, Anthony 24,29 

Petty, Gerald 106 
Petty, Kathryn 18,96 
Petty, Michael, 113 
Petty, Sandra 111 
Phelps, Quinn 106 
PhiUips, Tabitha 73.96 
Phipps, William 97 
Pierce, Rebecca 
Piersall, Jennifer 29 
Pietro, Jennifer 82,106 
Pike, Jill 90 
Pike, Michelle 106 
Ping, Jason 82 
Pinkins, Lasandra 106 
Pinner, Heather 
Piper, Jackilla 106 
Pittman, Brand! 
Pittman, Kyandra 106 
Planalp, Sarah 38,97 
Plew, Brandi 
Plew, Misty 18,33,73,97 
Poindexter, Angela 97 
Pollard, Amirisa 97 
Pollard, Heather 106 
Porter, Keonna 106 
Posey, Kevin 106 
Powell, Darron 38,97 
Powell, Kianna 106 
Poynter, Daniel 48,55 
Poynter, Jessica 
Poynter, Karie 
Pratt, Janette 106 
Pratt, Kenneth 44,97 
Pratt, Lucy 83 
Pratt, Marie 71 
Praul, Crystal 106 
Praul, Melissa 73,97 
Preer, Latoya 
Price, Chad 

24,26,27,28,4 1,58,89,%,99 
Price, Jason 106 
Price, Stephanie 97 
Pridemore, Bobby 106 
Pritchard, John 32 
Pritchard, Paul 58 
Pruitt, Latasha 106 
Pryor, Cecil 106 
Pryuer, Jerry 55,90 
PuUins, Kindra 90 


Quarles, Deanna 
Quarles, Jimmie 
Quarles, Nicole 
Quarles. Tracey 
Quartez, Tony 90 
Quiett, Lisa 59. 106 


Radford, Toya 106 
Rafferty. Trisha 90 
Ragland. Twyla 23,97 
Raines. Michael 54.106 
Rains, Jeremy 106 
Ralbot, Belinda 90 
Ralston, Amber 106 
Ramsey, Katy 106 
Ramsey, Laura 24,83 
Randle, Quiana 106 
Raney, Virgil 90 
Rangel, Raymon 106 
Ratner, Nancy 113 
Ray Jr, Johnny 
Raymer, Branden 48 
Reed, Chris 49,97 
Reeder, Stacy 106 
Reedus, Jamaal 38,90 
Reeves, Kathleen 58,107 
Relford, Shana 66,90 
Relford, Shannan 90,97 
Renie, Thomas 
Retz, David 107 
Reynolds, Shanna 97 
Rhodes, Rachel 90 
Richard, Maryann 107 
Richardson, Derrick 
Richardson, Yaumika 
Ridner, Teresa 107 

Ripberger, Fred 90 
Roar, VictOT 17 
Roark, Carlissa 27,97 
Robertson, Sashah 97 
Robertson. William 107 
Robinson, China 97 
Robinson, Katrina 97 
Robinson, Tanisha 

Rogers, Robin 28.29.97 
Roof. Hadley 38.58 
Roof. Josh,58,89,90 
Rooney, Farrah 

Rothwell, Kelly 39.68.97 
Ruggles. Barbara 107 
Ruggles, Natalena 97 
Rumble, Carroll 111 
Rupe, Shawna 97 
Russo, Jason 50 
Russo, Lindsay 
Rutherford. Angle 97 
Rutledge. Brandi 90 
Rybolt Jr. Richard 107 


Salyers, Melissa 52.53 
Sams. Wayne 107 
Saulsbery. Rene 38.97 
Saunders. Charles 90 
Saunders. Terrell 107 
Schmidt. Glen 7,26,83 
Schmidt, Gregory 19 
Schmidt, Melissa 70, 97 
Schmidt, Tamika 25,83 
Schroeder, Cristina 71 
Schropshire, Fred 69 
Schultz, Angel 108 
Scott, Nichole 107 
Scott, Timothy 107 
Seals, Keir 97 
Searcey, Derame 97 
Searcey,Keon 42,107 
Searcey, Miesha 45,97 
Searsbrook, Jacola 90 
Seeman, Ceonary 98 
Seifu, Zen Nile 58, 107 
Selman, Martin 107 


Sexton, Michelle 18 
Shadduck, Angle 25 
Shaw, Frankie 98 
Shaw, Monica 98 
Sheets, Robert 49,98 
Shelton, Greg 75,1 12 
Sheppard, Christina 

Sheppard, Latisha 73 
Shockley, Ricco 105,107 
Short, Reggie 54, 107 
Shropshire, Fredrick 107 
Simmons, Anthony 107 
Simpson, James 107 
Sims, Doug 26,38,90 
Sims, Jennifer 5,13,83 
Singh, Jutinder 111 
Sizemore, Bemita 107 
Skaggs II, Alvin 107 
Skates, Debra 9,13,83 
Skene, John 12,111 
Skolburg, Robert 107 
Smartz, David 112 
Smith, Amy 12 
Smith, Angle 90 
Smith, Benjamin 107 
Smith, Craig 55,65,90 
Smith, Darwin 98 
Smith, Dawn 
Smith, Heather 98 
Smith, Kendria 107 
Smith, Renee 90 
Smith, Sabea 25,83 
Smith, Shannon 24,84 
Smith, Shiriey 111 
Smith, Tamika 63,90 
Smith, Tiona 107 
Smith, William 4,50 
Snow, Philecia 98 
Somms, Doug, 24 
Southgate, John 90 
Spalding, Robert 1 11 
Spall, Richard 69,107 
Sparks, Erica 90 
Spears, Aimee 107 
Spears, Errol 29,1 13 
Spells, Monica 107 
Spicer, Tina 107 
Spratt, Brandon 
Springer, Aaron 
Spurgeon, Tanya 39 

Spurrier, Chad 90 
Spurrier, Kevin 98 
St. Lawrence, Cheryl 

Stafford, Deanna 107 
Stames, Mary 90 
Stamps, Mary 38 
Stanley, Dan 28,113 
Staples, Crystal 38,107 
Staples, Linda 90 
Starks, Watecsia91 
Starr, Kevin29,38,49,98 
Steele, Cindy 90 
Steele, Jeffrey 90 
Steffey, Mandy 
Steiner, Veronica 84 
Stepheis, Shirely 111 
Sterrett, Ryan 49 
Stewart ,Corine 84 
Stewart, Aaron 107 
Stewart, Carrie 25 
Stewart, Darnell 98 
Stewart, David 113 
Stewart, Ella 107 
Stewart, Jeremy 90 
Stewart, Latosha 107 
Stiles, Crystal 107 
Stinson, Jerry 84 
Stogsdill, Sheila 90 
Stojoevich, Mike 107 
Stone, Thomas 39,107 
Street, Carrie 72,92 
Stringer, Demetria 
Strode, Holly 107 
Stump, Dan 98 
Sullivan, Kevin 55 
Sullivan, Heather 90 
Sullivan, Jennifer 107 
Sullivan, John 98 
Summers, David 98 
Summers, Donna 72 
Surber, Renee 91 
Sutton, Angela 107 
Sutton, Donna 111 
Sutton, Izell 91 
Swafford, Wesley 91 
Swan, Erin 107 


Taflinger, Steve 111 

Tandy, Felicia 107 
Tandy, Letina 
Taylor, Damon 54,108 
Taylor, Detra 24,91 
Taylor, Heather 
Taylor, Keith 69,98 
Taylor, Kyana 98 
Taylor, Shawn 98 
Taylor, Titus 98 
Terry, Melissa 91 
Terry, Sarah 98 
Tetrick,Gina 38,39,91 
Thayer, Monica 98 
Thomas, Chakita 91 
Thomas, David 40 
Thomas, Phyllis 111 
Thompkins, Damon 54 
Thompkins, Maurice 8 
Thompson, James 111 
Thompson, Jason 
Thompson, Latosha 91 
Tieman, Mike 5,50,58 
Tillman, La Keisha 108 
Tingler, Samanthia 91 
Tolin, Heather 
Tompkins, Jeremiah 108 
Torrence, Alfonzo 64,98 
Tout, Frank 18 
Trimble, Angela 91 
Trotter, Melissa 72 
Trotter, Michael 108 
Tman, Mike 108 
Truth, Shawne 108 
Tull, Elizabeth 38 
Turner, Cattie 108 
Turner, Damon 
Turner, Daniel 108 
Turner, Diedre 91 
Turner, James 
Turner, Shannon 91 
Tumley,Cortia 108 
Twitty, David 55,91 

Tyler, James 108 


Unseld, David 65 


Vaughn, Cwey 91 
Vaughn, Stephanie 85 
Veal,Nikita 108 
Vespo,Joe 24,111 


Wakelam, Joshua 


Walker, Jacqueline 


Walton, Erica 108 

Ward, Dia 91 

Warren, Sanchilla 98 

Watson, Kimberly 


Watkins, Christopher 


Watkins, Shawn 109 

Whatley, Ricky 64 

Watson, Charlie 39,109 

Way OS, Larry 109 

Weaver, Jeff ery 91 

Weaver, Jennifer 


Webb, Crystal 109 

Weidner, Cassandra 


Welch, Destinny 109 

Wessle, Scott 55,69,91 

Westerfield, Todd 109 

WhaUey,Lakesha 99 

White, Demetrius 91 

White, JaneUe 73 

White, Janis 99 

Whitehead, Crystal 


Whiteman, Amy 


Wilcher, Jeremiah 109 

Wildermood, Lance 112 

Will, Tenika 109 

Williams, Brian 64,91 
Williams, Deborah 

WiUiams, JaneUe 109 
WiUiams, Krystal 109 
WiUiams, Padro 109 
WiUis, Taoanna 13,85 
Wilson, ChristophCT 

Wilson, Ida 27,99 
WUson, Jason 25,85 
Wilson, Miayva 109 
Wilson, Trisha 
Wilson, Turquoise 91 
Wimberiy IE, Floyd 109 
Wimberly, Laquisha 91 
Wimberiy, Monique 91 
Wings, Tasheka 109 
Woodard, Quincy 109 
Wooden, LorireU 109 
Woodson, Grant 99 
Woolery, Mindy 109 
Wright, Joanna 25,44,67 
Wright, Sharon 29,85 
Wright, Tiffany 73 
Wurster, Heidi 99,1 14 
Wynn, Kevin 109 
Wynne, Jeff 69 


Yanasak, Rose 109 
Yaiber, James 28,113 
YeagCT, Joshua 
York, Misty 91 
Young, Amanda 
Young, Eric 109 
Young, Jerry 
Young, Keith 48,55,91 
Young, Wanique 109 


Zander, Mathew 24,26 
ZoeUer, Aimee 68 



Index/ 1:3 


Editor-in-Chief: j^ 
Natalie Mertz ^ 
Brandy Freeman ' 



Junior Editor: 
Tracey Quarles 

Underclass Editors: 
Vicki Beck 
Heidi Wurster 



General Staff: 
Bixler, Gina 
Ducking, Kelly 
Gibbs. Chris 
Hall Jr., Jerry 
Harris, Stephanie 
Hewlett, Dana 
Hill, TeLisa 
Huddleston, Venita 
Kord, Danny 
Lange, Monique 
Olson, Shay 
Phillips, Tabitha 
Poynter, Karie 
Quarles, Deanna 
Quarles, Nicole 
Shaw, Monica 
Smith, Dawn 
Terry, Darrin 
Williams, Deborah 

t t^ 

W i^r 


iThe Hilltopf)er Staff wishes to thank the many members of the facult>-. 
staff, and student body who helped and cooperated with the production of 
the yearbook. A special thanks goes to parents for their help, to Herff Jones 
and our representative Chris Frick. and to Prestige. 



\->i'^,/)i-.^M^ t^